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In conjunction with many of our gondola shelving and free-standing shelving units, we offer retail store shelving and retail store fixtures that are tailored specifically for your individual storage needs. With such a wide selection of products, it's easy to create the perfect floor displays or warehouse-style layout you want for your business. Be sure to browse our complete online showroom to view all of the retail store shelving and retail store fixtures we manufacture. We can also provide you with custom retail store fixtures, if that's what your retail strategy requires.

Learn more about our store displays, retail store shelving and retail store fixtures by clicking on any of the products listed below or browsing through our articles to find inspiration for your retail store.

  • Beer Cave Shelving

    Beer Cave Shelving

    Durable beer cooler racks can hold heavy cases of beer. Available in several sizing options, allowing you to create your ideal retail space.

    • Perfect for storing a large variety of beverages inside refrigeration units
    • Steel shelves positioned on shelf supports, are designed to make grabbing cases of merchandise simple
    • Available in dimensions 84" and 78" high, either 24" or 30" deep, and in 3', 4', 6', 7', or 8' lengths
    • 84" high units are structured so that the top 3 shelves including lips are gravity fed and the bottom 2 shelves are flat
    • 78" high Beer Cave is structured so that the top 2 shelves including lips are gravity fed and the bottom 2 shelves are flat
    • Available in black color NSF approved
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  • Oil Rack Display Shelves

    Oil Rack Display Shelves

    Designed specifically for the needs of auto parts stores, our oil racks are an efficient choice for displaying and stocking your merchandise.

    • Front of unit display and sells "oil"
    • Restock from back of display
    • Front of oil rack displays price and product information
    • Back of unit displays stock numbers and information
    • Each shelf accommodates both quarts and cases
    • Product is displayed on slope for better visibility and easier restocking
    • Shipped knocked down for easy assembly
    • Perfect for automotive store shelving solutions
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  • Battery Storage Rack

    Battery Storage Rack

    Our battery organizers come in twenty different colors and feature everything you could possibly need, including:

    • Restock from back of battery storage rack
    • Beams and tracks are adjustable
    • Front unit displays and sells batteries
    • Shipped knocked down for easy assembly
    • Front displays price and product information
    • Rear of battery rack stock numbers and information
    • Batteries sell in the same order they arrive in. Minimize waste
    • Product is displayed on slope for better visibility and easier restocking
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  • Slatwall Sloped Displayer

    Slatwall Sloped Displayer

    Display merchandise in a different and easy-to-see way.

    • An effective, organized and visually powerful display frustrating for shoplifters-easy for you to use
    • Works with 16" or 22" standard shelves
    • Display on top and stock below with coordinating security cases
    • Choose from a variety of power tool display shelves
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  • Slatwall Power Tool Holders

    Slatwall Power Tool Holders

    Shelves specifically made to slide into slatwall and hold tools for display.

    • Shelves hook easily into sloped Slatwall displayer
    • Excellent for power tools as well as phones, calculators and many other products
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  • Bicycle Tire Racks

    Bicycle Tire Racks

    Showcase your bicycle accessories with convenient bike tire racks.

    • Create a bicycle accessory center with bicycle tire racks using existing gondolas and wall units
    • Display and sell more of your bicycling merchandise
    • The up and out allows merchandise to go higher than the fixtures increasing total display area
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  • Store Tire Display Racks

    Store Tire Display Racks

    A more impactful tire display for your store.

    • Transforms your Handy gondolas and wall units into a tire center
    • Perfect for stack-out display
    • Show and sell more of your stock
    • Is used in conjunction with Base Tire Rack, Tire Shelves and Tire Desk
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  • Tire Display Racks

    Tire Display Racks

    If you are in need of a new tire display to showcase your merchandise, you have come to the right place. Use these tire shelves to show off your top-selling tires to customers.

    Looking for new tire racks to display your merchandise? Find out the features and highlights of choosing our base tire racks:

    • Light but strong steel construction
    • Constructed of 1" square steel tubing
    • Measures 22" deep x 2" high x 3 or 4ft wide
    • Looks great on gondolas or wall unit base, as well as a free-standing tire display on floor
    • Disassemble in seconds for quick and easy storage

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  • Tire Shelf

    Tire Shelf

    Efficiently display tires in your shop with this standard tire shelf.

    • Easy to use and is an attractive display for tires
    • It is designed to be used alone or as a perfect complement to the base tire rack, allowing you to make full use of your gondolas or wall units
    • Tire shelf measures 24" deep x 3ft or 4ft wide
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  • Tire Desk

    Tire Desk

    This tire desk can be conveniently mounted on any Handy shelf around your store to display manuals, brochures and more.

    • Can be mounted on any Handy shelf or can be placed anywhere
    • It is perfect for displaying manuals, brochures or writing up orders
    • Finished in mica, the tire desk measures 6"H front, 12"H back, x 24" deep x 3ft or 4ft wide
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  • Spool Display Shelf

    Spool Display Shelf

    A retail shelving option that is ideal for art and fabric stores.

    • Installs as easily as any shelf
    • Ideal for limited selection of spools and spool displays
    • All steel construction, 10" deep x 48" wide
    • Support rod comes out for easy merchandising
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  • Bulk Baskets

    Bulk Baskets

    Bulk baskets can hold all of that extra merchandise that doesn’t fit quite right on your standard shelves.

    • Wire basket storage designed for gondola and wall units with a 16" and 22" base shelves
    • Ideal for displaying awkward merchandise such as, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, grass seed, pvc sections, paint rollers, extension cords
    • Folds flat for easy storage
    • Your choice of heavy duty bulk or metal wire baskets
    • Dividers work with Handy bulk retail wire baskets(sold separately)
    • Welded wire construction
    • Snap in installation
    • Use same depth as basket
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