Our Sporting Goods Display Solutions

Handy Store Fixtures has been outfitting stores with the highest quality sporting goods displays and fixtures for over 60 years. The products on display in a sporting goods store vary in size - from golf balls to bicycles, baseball caps to kayaks.

Handy Store Fixtures supplies many athletic apparel retail display solutions, including sporting goods shelving units and displays to meet your store's needs. Whether you are just getting into the game by opening a new store or remodeling an existing store, you can hit a home run with our sporting goods fixtures.

Display sporting goods to entice impulse sales

Sample floor layouts

Jump into the action by designing and building a layout for your store that will satisfy your “work hard, play hard” customers. From wall units to gondolas, bicycle tire racks, and specialized sporting goods displays, Handy Store Fixtures can help you make the best presentation of athletic equipment and clothing that today's athletes are buying.

We understand the sporting goods retail industry's needs and provide a floorplan that successfully increases brand awareness, introduces new products, and ultimately boosts sales.