Specialty Retail Displays

Handy Store Fixtures has everything you need when it comes to finding specialized retail displays. For large, bulky, and oversized items, our specialty retail displays and store fixtures can help create an efficient, organized, and visually powerful merchandising tool.

We are always striving to give retailers unique, practical, and visually appealing options to best display their products. After all, the presentation can make or break the consumer experience.

Retail Specialty Displays

In conjunction with many of our gondola shelving and free-standing shelving units, we provide specialty displays and retail store fixtures that are tailored specifically for your individual storage needs. With a wide selection of products, it's easy to create the perfect floor displays or warehouse-style layout you want for your store.

Handy Store Fixtures can also provide you with custom retail store fixtures if that's what your retail strategy requires.

Products we offer

Battery Storage Rack

Our battery organizers come in twenty different colors and feature everything you could possibly need.

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Beer Cave Shelving

Durable beer cooler racks that effectively displays heavy cases of beer. Available in several sizing options, allowing you to create your ideal retail space.

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Bicycle Tire Racks

Showcase your bicycle accessories with convenient bike tire racks.

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Bulk Baskets

Bulk baskets can hold all of that extra merchandise that doesn’t fit quite right on your standard shelves.

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Oil Rack Display Shelves

Designed specifically for the needs of auto parts stores, our oil racks are an efficient choice for displaying and stocking your merchandise.

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Slatwall Power Tool Holders

Shelves specifically made to slide into slatwall and hold tools for display.

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Slatwall Sloped Displayer

Display merchandise in a different and easy-to-see way.

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Spool Display Shelf

A retail shelving option that is ideal for art and fabric stores.

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Store Tire Display Racks

A more impactful tire display for your store.

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Tire Desk

This tire desk can be conveniently mounted on any Handy shelf around your store to display manuals, brochures and more.

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Tire Display Racks

If you are in need of a new tire display to showcase your merchandise, you have come to the right place. Use these tire shelves to show off your top-selling tires to customers.

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Tire Shelf

Efficiently display tires in your shop with this standard tire shelf.

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Walk-In Coolers

The strength and flexibility of wood frame construction allow panel manufacturing to exact dimensions. Positive camlock mechanisms approved compression gaskets for positive seal. Handy Store Fixtures supplies STORFLEX brand Walk-In Coolers that fit your floor plan.

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