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Handy Store Fixtures manufactures specially designed pharmacy shelving and store fixtures. Keep your pharmaceutical products organized and accessible in the pharmacy back-end for efficient workflow and create simple navigation in the store layout for a straightforward shopping experience.

We work to provide your store with Rx shelving and floor plan solutions that not only showcase your products, but also make shopping intuitive and pleasurable for customers. Whether you are opening an independent pharmacy or remodeling an existing store, we can provide you with pharmacy store fixtures and shelving to meet the needs of your store.

Organize your pharmacy to create simple workflow and navigation

Sample floor layouts

Consider a variety of Rx shelving options when setting up your pharmacy. Remember that your front-end and back-end serve different purposes and therefore, require different types of fixtures and shelves.

Rx bay units, stat wall panels, and double slotted uprights are ideal solutions for keeping prescriptions displayed, easily accessible and well organized, safely behind the counters. Bottle storage units, drawers, and security cases are used in pharmacy settings. Retail sales counters make drug store purchases easy.

Our knowledgeable store design team can help you effectively display your products with a simple and intuitive layout and design.

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