Our Pharmacy Shelving Solutions

Handy Store Fixtures supplies elegantly designed retail pharmacy store fixtures. Gondola shelving allows pharmacists to display pharmaceutical products effectively. A useful front-end store with a proper floor plan arranges an efficient workflow and creates simple navigation within your pharmacy for a straightforward shopping experience.

Handy Store Fixtures provides Rx Bay Units, which provide pharmacists an efficient retail shelving display unit designed to deliver access to Rx bottle prescriptions in the rear section of a pharmacy. All Handy Store Fixtures Rx Bay Units are durable enough to meet all pharmaceutical storage requirements and can be constructed against a wall or used back-to-back, creating a double-sided Rx Bay Unit.

Rx Bay Units come 84” high and have widths of 16”, 24” 30”, 36”, and 48”. All Handy Store Fixtures Rx Bay Units feature (9) 8” bay shelves, which are adjustable every ½” for complete merchandise flexibility. They are available in any Handy Store Fixture color and are very simple to install.

Our pharmacy designers recommend matching the Rx Bay Unit Shelves with the same color as your gondola shelving. As a customer of Handy Store Fixtures, retailers have the ability to match your Rx Bay End Panel displays with the same color as the back panels on your gondola fixtures. That creates a remarkable-looking pharmacy all business owners will feel proud showcasing to their customers.

The dedicated professionals in our wood department fabricate each Rx Under the Counters Units with precision detail. Every Rx Counter Unit is manufactured to ensure pharmacists' the highest quality design. Handy Store Fixtures provides various Rx Counter Units that are specifically created to store pharmaceutical prescription bottles and vials securely.

With the guidance of one of our pharmacy store designers, pharmacists can create custom Rx Counter Units that best fit the pharmacy's needs. Distinct Rx Counter Units include Bottle Storage Unit, Waste Unit, Sink Unit, Rx Security Unit, Rx Shelf Unit, Rx Drawer Unit, and Printer Unit. Once the individual Rx Counter Units are selected, pharmacists can choose various colors and finish countertop options.


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Organize your pharmacy to create simple workflow and navigation

Sample floor layouts

When designing a pharmacy with Handy Store Fixtures, you have the luxury of working directly with the manufacturer. We provide the largest variety of size and color combinations in the retail shelving industry. Standard heights on pharmacy gondola shelving are 54” or 60”, while standard gondola shelves range from 8” to 24”, providing pharmacists any store shelving display solution they require.

Strategically placed end unit displays are perfect for displaying merchandise that generates your Rx business's highest profits. Wall unit shelving sizes are available in 3 feet and 4-foot sections, with heights, usually featured at 72” or 84”. All Rx retail store fixtures are used in conjunction with the perforated board, slatwall, or slat-grid back panels to create a unique looking pharmacy your customers will appreciate.

Our knowledgeable pharmacy design team will help effectively display your pharmaceutical merchandise with a modern and intuitive store layout designed to help your pharmacy achieve high profits.