Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a required minimum order?

Yes, based on the current market conditions and supply chain interruptions felt all around the world, in order to place an order with Handy Store Fixtures the amount must equal greater than $20,000.00 before any surcharge, tax, and freight costs.

Where can i get more information regarding supply chain distruptions?

More information regarding supply chain disruptions that are greatly effecting the store fixture industry can be found visiting this link

What is the typical lead time on a new order?

Currently, we are not generally not quoting a firm lead-time. Each order is reviewed for the availability of material, labor, capacity, and transportation. When these four elements align, we will confirm a scheduled ship date. For customers looking for a general lead-time, we are currently quoting 18-20 weeks.

Where do I get pricing for your shelving?

Our Customer Service Department can usually give you pricing on small orders. However, for new stores or large projects, we recommend working with one of our sales professionals to achieve the most value for your money.

What is causing the increase in material costs?

Price increases are a result of scarcity of raw materials, labor, and high demand. Handy Store Fixtures has only modestly increased prices to offset increased labor and operating costs. The balance has been done by surcharges. This also allows us to reduce prices as costs come down.

How much do you make on steel surcharges?

Surcharges are not a profit center and Handy Store Fixtures doesn't manage them as such. Surcharges are intended to cover increasing raw material costs associated. As these costs go down so to will the surcharge.

What will be the final surcharge amount on my order?

The final surcharge is calculated at the time of delivery due to the volatile nature of our supplier's pricing. Our supplier uses a FIFO system of order maintenance. The first order in is the first order out. When prices normalize and begin to come down we will begin reducing the surcharge in the same way.

Do you sell used shelving?

No, Handy Store Fixtures sells new products manufactured in our own factories here in the United States.

Where do you ship from?

All orders ship direct from the factory in Corning, New York.

What does a Gondola consist of?

Gondolas consist of uprights, base shelves, back panels, and all necessary hardware. Upper Shelves and accessories are sold separately.

Do walls units have to be secured to a wall?

We recommend that all wall units be securely attached to a structural member in your facility. If you are uncertain about how to secure a wall unit to a wall please contact Customer Service or a Handy Sales Professional.

If I order new Handy shelving will it fit anything that I purchased in the past?

Yes, unlike some other manufacturers, every new Handy shelf is compatible with every Handy gondola ever manufactured. So you can buy with the confidence of knowing that the Handy shelves you purchase in years to come will fit into the gondolas or wall units you purchase today.