Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell used shelving?

No, Handy Store Fixtures sells new products manufactured in our own factories

Is there a required minimum order?

No, there is no minimum to order. We will never price your small orders differently from your full store orders. However, set up charges may apply to special colors or custom products.

What is the typical lead time on a new order?

Even though we manufacture each new order as it is received in our factory and we do not maintain "stock inventory", our advanced just in time manufacturing system assures our lead time on products manufactured by Handy Store Fixtures are typically the shortest in the industry and are rarely longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

Is your shelving compatible with other manufacturers' shelving?

No, only Handy Store Fixtures shelving will fit into Handy Store Fixtures units. Similarly, Handy Store Fixtures shelving is not compatible with most other brand fixtures. However, Handy's shelving is designed to provide maximum strength, durability, and ease of use. And unlike some other manufacturers, every new Handy shelf is compatible with every Handy gondola ever manufactured.

Where do I get pricing for your shelving?

Our Customer Service Department can usually give you pricing on small orders. However, for new stores or large projects, we recommend working with one of our sales professionals to achieve the most value for your money.

Is installation included with my order?

No, installation is offered as a separate service.

Where can I obtain instruction sheets for your fixtures?

Instruction sheets can be obtained in our library of assembly instructions located on our website. You can also contact our Customer Service Department.

Where do you ship from?

All orders ship direct from our factory in Newark, New Jersey.

Do your fixtures come assembled?

No, our fixtures are all shipped knocked down. However, all Handy Store Fixtures are designed for easy and fast assembly and can usually be assembled by in store personnel. All Handy Gondolas and Wall Units are shipped with the base supports pre-bolted to the uprights to save installation time and add strength to the fixture. Also, all Handy Gondolas and Wall Units come with welded end trims. There are no end trims to purchase or replace, ever.

What does a Gondola consist of?

Gondolas consist of uprights, base shelves, back panels, and all necessary hardware. Upper Shelves and accessories are sold separately.

How do I have a Local Salesman contact me?

To have a Salesman in your area contact you, either fill out the Contact Us Form or call our Customer Service Department: 1-800-631-4280.

Will a special color add to my lead time?

Handy Store Fixtures offers many colors that do not add to our lead times. However, some special order colors may add a week or two to your lead time. Since Handy runs more colors than any other store fixture company your special color order will be shipped weeks faster from Handy than from any other manufacturer.

I want to display heavy merchandise, how do I know which shelf to purchase?

Handy Store Fixtures standard shelves can handle almost any merchandising load. For extra heavy loads you may choose a heavy-duty shelf. Please talk to a Handy Store Fixture Sales Professional if you have additional questions regarding shelf weight capacities and your specific requirements.

Do walls units have to be secured to a wall?

We recommend that all wall units be securely attached to a structural member in your facility. If you are uncertain about how to secure a wall unit to a wall please contact Customer Service or a Handy Sales Professional.

If I order new Handy shelving will it fit anything that I purchased in the past?

Yes, unlike some other manufacturers, every new Handy shelf is compatible with every Handy gondola ever manufactured. So you can buy with the confidence of knowing that the Handy shelves you purchase in years to come will fit into the gondolas or wall units you purchase today.

Something is not working, what do I do?

If something isn't working properly, simply visit our website and download from our library of assembly instructions. If you do not have access to a computer, just call our Customer Service Department: 1-800-631-4280. They will help you with any problems you may encounter.

Why does it ask for authorization whenever I try to submit a transaction?

When registered on Handy's Account Manager, any company can have as many users registered as wanted. However, your company's administrator has the authority to decide which individual has access to any specific information and what level of access they want to assign to any individual.

How do I track my orders?

You can track all your orders by logging into your profile on Handy Account Manager. Depending on the freight carrier, you can track most orders from the time you place them to the time of delivery.

What is Advanced Shipment Tracking?

Advanced shipment tracking is the ability to track a shipment once it leaves our factory in Newark, NJ on your Account Manager Profile. Please note: not all Freight Carriers offer electronic shipment tracking.

Why do some orders have an advanced shipment tracking button and others don't?

The orders that don't have an advanced shipment tracking button means that the particular carrier being used doesn't offer online tracking to link to your Handy Account Manager profile.

I want to send a deposit, what do I do?

There are a three ways that you can send a deposit. One is by filling out a credit card authorization and faxing it to 973-242-6222, the second is mailing your deposit check to our Newark, New Jersey address or third is check by phone which you can do by calling our credit department at 973-242-1600 ext.2219.

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