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Handy Store Fixtures manufactures the high-quality pet store shelving which allows merchandise displayed to its best advantage. Pet supply stores incorporate a wide variety of retail store fixtures to create an efficient store design. We offer the ability for retailers to choose from over 20 steel colors and 10 different back panel colors allowing the creation of a unique looking pet store.

Consider a variation of store shelves for all the different products you sell. Our retail gondola shelving units are factory new and do an excellent job merchandising cans of pet food, chew toys, clothing, and bedding. Wide span shelving is perfecting for retailers looking to display large heavy pet supply store products, such as bulk bags of pet food, dog crates, and aquariums.

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End cap display units are ideal for showcasing high-profit margin merchandise such as small bags of treats, animal collars, and pet care products. Our wood department fabricates retail store counters that are specifically designed to allow customers to easily checkout and more importantly, increase impulse sales.

The pet store designers at Handy Store Fixtures are kept up with the latest industry trends and provide independent pet supply retailers the creation of an efficient flow of traffic throughout your store, capture customer attention and ultimately, increase sales.

Catch pet shoppers’ attention

Sample floor layouts

Our large selection of pet store displays and gondola shelving options, combined with the expertise of our pet store layout consultants, will help you create a pet store design that generates sales. Placement of gondola shelving, retail wall units, 4-way displays, wide span shelving and end cap displays are all carefully taken into consideration when designing a profitable pet store.

Many customers walk into pet stores searching for bags or cans of pet food. That is why the perimeter of your pet store is prime real estate when displaying pet food products. Whether it’s wall unit displays or wide span shelving, Handy Store Fixtures will manufacture a functional retail shelving along the walls of your business, designed to showcase your merchandise.

Along with retail gondola shelving, Handy Store Fixtures provides retailers a large assortment of store accessories. Choose from perforated & slatwall hooks, baskets, aisle markers, and color inserts that enhance your display fixtures.

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