4 “Handy Tips” to Increase Pet Store Sales with an Effective Store Design

4 “Handy Tips” to Increase Pet Store Sales with an Effective Store Design

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On July 27, 2021

Updated: July 27, 2021

One of the advantages of being in the store fixtures industry is working with some of the most open-minded and innovative people in various retail industries. This is especially true in the pet supply industry, where many retailers put a tremendous amount of time and energy into developing their business.

Like many retail sectors, the brick-and-mortar pet store industry has seen its share of challenges over the past few years. Pet store owners first had to deal with online giants such as Amazon and subscription-based retailers such as Chewy. Then, of course, COVID-19 forced many brick and mortar locations to shut down for an extended period of time.

The good news the pet store industry, in general, has seen significant growth over the past five years and, according to a recent forecast, is expected to reach almost 110 billion dollars by the end of 2021. Fortunately for pet store owners, recent data from Pet Product News suggests that even with increased competition from e-commerce supply sites, the market share of pet sales still favors brick and mortar over online by around 75% to 25%.

The question for pet supply retailers now becomes how they effectively design their stores

to take advantage of the increased demand for pet supplies. This article will examine the innovative ways retailers can utilize a pet store design strategy that will increase sales.

Display Heavy Bags of Food Along the Store Perimeter

The Handy Store Fixtures Wide Span Shelving units are the perfect store fixture displays for merchandising heavy food bags. Purchasing bags of dog or cat food is likely the primary reason for your customers to shop in your pet store. These heavy-duty shelving units can effectively display 2500 pounds evenly distributed.

One of the many benefits of using Wide Span Shelving is that you can merchandise a significant amount of food and display the decks to your best advantage. Like the grocery store model of presenting milk in the far parameters of the store, you want your customers to follow a direct path to the heavy bags of food that will entice them to purchase add-on items such as treats and toys, bedding, and other pet accessories.

Merchandise Impulse Products at Checkout Counters

Retail Sales Counters are perfect for displaying impulse products near cash registers when your customers wait to check out. Impulse merchandising effectively presents products to help persuade customers to make unplanned or additional purchases. These items add to total sales significantly, and impulse purchases greatly impact a pet store’s gross profit. For an independently-owned retail business, merchandise treats, candy, small toys, and gift certificates in this area.

Merchandise End Cap Displays Properly

Many retailers believe that the most expensive merchandise in their store should be showcased on End Units. Handy Store Fixtures CEO Richard Kurland writes, “From a profitability standpoint, the merchandise on your End Caps should not include your most expensive products. Instead, they should feature your highest profit products, and there is a significant distinction.”

This is especially critical because retailers are limited to the number of End Units used within their store design. Therefore, those precious merchandise displays must feature products that help your pet store’s overall bottom line. End Caps are ideal for utilizing gondola accessories such as security cases, open-end baskets, and chrome wire fencing & dividers.

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Take Advantage of Offset Gondola Shelving

One of the many advantages of working directly with a manufacturing facility is to customize your order. This places a premium on the best methods to merchandise your offerings according to the store design plan.

Did you know that you can offset your gondola shelving to meet the requirements for your store best? When discussing offset gondola shelving, we refer to the concept of ordering a gondola shelving unit with two distinct size base shelves.

For example, a 16” base shelf on one side and a 13” on the other. This, of course, will allow you to take advantage of possible quirky building aspects, such as a column, without disturbing your store layout design.

To learn more about our store design services, contact Handy Store Fixtures today and speak with one of our pet store designers.

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