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By Handy Store Fixtures, Posted in Liquor Stores, Retail Growth Strategies

Like most businesses, opening a new store takes a tremendous amount of work and contains a considerable amount of risk. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the liquor industry is no exception. There are many factors that business owners must be aware of in order to open and operate a profitable liquor store in 2021.... read more.

  • January 06, 2021

By Handy Store Fixtures, Posted in Liquor Stores

If you are looking for a better way to showcase your wine selection, you need wooden wine racks. Not only are they sturdy and functional, but they also elevate your store’s design, making customers feel good about purchasing wine at your establishment. Read on to learn 3 reasons to choose wooden wine racks.... read more.

  • July 02, 2018

By Handy Store Fixtures, Posted in Case Studies, Liquor Stores, Store Design, Store Fixtures

Recently, Handy Store Fixtures was contacted online by Rod Heltzel of Jacksboro, Texas. Rod wanted to open a liquor store, but was unsure about the store planning aspect of running a new business. Our Store Design Specialist, Jim Lackey, assured Rod that he would help him through the entire process. Through a series of emails and phone calls, Jim and Rod began the store planning phase of the project based on rough sketches provided by Rod. Once Jim received the drawings from Rod, he began working with our... read more.

  • July 11, 2017

By Handy Store Fixtures, Posted in Liquor Stores

There are a lot of options for liquor store shelving, but when it comes to displaying wine, nothing compares to Handy’s wood wine racks. These attractive shelves help display your wine bottles in an elegant and accessible way, highlighting your selection and elevating the aesthetic of your store. Read on to learn more about these wood wine racks and how to use them.... read more.

  • June 22, 2017

By Handy Store Fixtures, Posted in Liquor Stores

There are endless options for new storage and display solutions within the liquor store industry, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. What if you could makeover your current store without replacing your gondolas and wall units or purchasing wide frames or pallet rack units. Read on to learn how liquor stores can use space plus conversion kits to improve storage and display at a fraction of the cost.... read more.

  • May 16, 2017

By Handy Store Fixtures, Posted in Beer Cave Shelving, Liquor Stores

Whether you are planning a new liquor store layout or updating your current liquor store shelving, you have probably heard of beer cave shelving. But what exactly is beer cave shelving, how much room does it require, and why do you need it for your liquor store? Read on to learn all about the best option in retail beer cooler shelving.... read more.

  • April 21, 2017

By Steve Di Orio, Posted in Gondola Shelves, Liquor Stores

Handy Stores Fixtures created a custom wine display unit to make a sleek and classy display When it comes to creating your liquor store shelving system, finding a balance between functionality and aesthetic can be difficult. While you want to keep your shelving utilitarian, it is also important to keep the shelving looking nice and appealing to customers. For one of our customers, these competing factors led us to create a custom solution: our wine four-way shelving unit. The shelf is able to display at lea... read more.

  • November 15, 2016

By Steve Di Orio, Posted in Beer Cave Shelving, Liquor Stores, Store Design

It’s easy to understand why liquor stores continue to dominate year after year in beer sales. They’re a fast, easy and, well, convenient place for customers to grab beer on the go. There is one interesting shelving trend that sets them apart too: beer caves. Walk-in beer coolers or beer caves, as they are commonly referred to, are designed for a particular store and its specific layout needs. These beer caves are temperature controlled walk-in coolers that allow stores to sell more product in la... read more.

  • August 05, 2016

By Steve Di Orio, Posted in Liquor Stores

Making your liquor store thrive, not just survive While liquor stores are typically considered a stable business, there are many ways independent owners can make their stores stand out and become even more profitable, rather than just surviving by virtue of being an alcohol vendor. Show and sell: A major trend in retail is to provide customers with an experience beyond plain shopping. This is seen in things like grocery stores adding specialized cafes, or coffee shops hosting live music. Liquor stores can t... read more.

  • July 21, 2016

By Steve Di Orio, Posted in Liquor Stores, Store Fixtures

Despite what you might assume, liquor stores don’t make profits just by virtue of carrying liquor. True, people like liquor, and it can be sold at a high margin. It’s also true people tend to spend on it even in downturns because a.) Some people really like liquor (please drink responsibly) and b.) Regardless of the economy, couples still get married, young adults graduate from college, and (adult) partiers will always be ready to party. That said, a store’s shelving can separate the more... read more.

  • June 06, 2016