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By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Liquor Stores, Store Fixtures
On October 31, 2014

Liquor Store LayoutThere are many liquor store shelving, fixture and display options available to effectively showcase your merchandise. Custom displays, heavy duty shelving, and upscale store fixtures are available in many different styles and colors to really let products stand out. Making your displays appealing and easy to shop is major part of sales. Some store fixtures that help promote the products in your liquor store include:

Retail Wine Display Racks

Retail wine display racks can be either free standing or used as end caps at the end of a row of gondolas. They are able to accommodate a variety of wine bottle sizes and a front lip on both the upper and middle shelf allows bottles to be easily displayed.

Gondola Shelving

Known as the workhorse of store shelving for a reason, gondola shelving is suitable for any number of retail displays. With the versatility of being able to locate the free standing fixture anywhere in the store, a gondola can really display a wide variety of products in your liquor store.

Commercial Wine Rack

A commercial wine rack can hold various bottle sizes and features an 8 bottle display on top, allowing for you to maximize your merchandising opportunity. Use to feature wines on special or for regular daily display options.

End Unit Retail Displays

Maximize the space of your store by utilizing end unit retail displays. They are perfect for showcasing a particular liquor, wine or beer special to customers or even for presenting accessories like shot glasses, wine glass markers or bottle openers.

Retail Shelving

Retail shelving is ideal for displaying upright bottles of wine and liquor or cases of beer. With strong and durable construction they are able to withstand the weight of heavy, fragile bottles.

Retail Store Sales Counter

Keep your retail store sales counter stocked with last minute items like stirrers, straws, plastic cups and whatever else might be easily forgotten. If it will save customers from making an extra trip to another store, having these items on hand will be a great way to boost sales and promote customer satisfaction.

Making sure that the labels on bottles of wine and liquor are easily visible is important to the shopping experience. Customers finding what they are looking for should be simple thanks to proper store planning and displays. Wine racks should be divided into reds and whites and then broken down by type, liquors should be grouped together accordingly and a separate area for light vs. dark beers as well as craft makes shopping that much easier. Having the right store fixtures is a big part of the store planning process.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio

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