The Handy Advantage

If you’re an independent retailer in the market for high-quality gondola shelving, you’ve probably come across tons of re-sellers in your online research. Check out our list of top 9 reasons to buy your store shelving displays directly from Handy Store Fixtures.

1. Over 60 years of experience

Handy Advantage: The Handy Store Fixtures team has over 60 years of knowledge and expertise in the store fixture industry. Whether you need a specialized pet-friendly display for your pet store or a custom shelf for your paint store, we’ve done it all, and we have a solution for you.

While a local or online reseller will know about store planning, Handy Store Fixtures explicitly helps independent retailers succeed from the first step of the store design process.

2. Premium quality materials for long-lasting fixtures

Handy Advantage: Our products are designed to last for as long as you’re in business. When you settle for a mass-produced product from a reseller, you risk your investment and compromise on selection, service, and quality. Handy Store Fixtures offers an excellent variety, excellent service, and superior quality to independent retailers.

Resellers often cater to large chain stores with the capital needed to reset their stores every five years. Typically, resellers offer gondola shelving units that last only 5-7 years, not cost-effective for the independent retailer.

3. Most comprehensive range of standard and specialized shelving

Handy Advantage: Since we supply our retail shelving units ourselves, we produce every order specifically for each customer’s unique usage. At Handy Store Fixtures, every order is specific to your account.

A local or online reseller will offer standard gondola shelving in a fixed number of sizes, which entails lead times of 8 - 12 weeks, possibly longer, and only the possibility of ordering specialized shelving.

4. Expert guidance

Handy Advantage: Our expert staff averages more than ten years of experience and has the knowledge and training needed to help you transform your retail space into a pleasurable shopping experience. We will guide you through all aspects of your project, from store planning and design to manufacturing, shipment, and installation.

When working with a reseller, your sales representative might be the only person you work with directly on your comprehensive project.

5. Competitive pricing

Handy Advantage: You can be confident that you are receiving the best value since purchasing directly from the factory without a reseller’s markup.

A local or online reseller will not be a manufacturing representative. Therefore, you will be working with mulitple “middle-man” instead of dealing directly with factory representatives.

6. We carefully select the best shipping option for your order

Handy Advantage: Our logistics department screens all major freight carriers from coast to coast and chooses the one that is best suited to handle your particular order. This ensures on-time deliveries without lost or damaged freight, no matter where your store is located.

Some resellers only provide services within their local area, and many do not have the same relationships with national freight providers as we do at Handy Store Fixtures.

7. Broad range of color options

Handy Advantage: Handy Store Fixtures provides various color options, including a choice of six standard colors, with two white and two black power coated options, and with no difference in delivery time and no upcharge.

Handy Store Fixtures also offers over 14 additional custom colors, with only a minimal increase in delivery time and price with no minimum quantity required.

A local or online reseller will offer, at most, two or three different steel colors — even if they are the “largest” stocking distributor in the country.

8. 40 different back panel options

Handy Advantage: Handy Store Fixtures provides retailers with a choice of over 40 various gondola shelving back panel options, such as slatwall, perforated board, solid board, and gridwall, all of which are featured in a wide variety of colors.

A local or online reseller will only provide a choice of 2 different gondola back panels, offering very little variety.

9. Excellent customer satisfaction

Handy Advantage: We supply 98% of the products that we sell, whether steel, wood, acrylic or any combination, in our factory. We control the design, production, and most of all, the quality of everything we sell, and we stand behind our products because we are the manufacturer. That is why our customer satisfaction is unmatched in the store fixture industry.

Local or online store fixture providers are not manufacturers. They bring large quantities of store fixtures into their facilities and sell retailers what they currently have in inventory. This is indeed a disadvantage to the independent retailer, and Handy Store Fixtures does it better.