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Beer Cooler Shelving

Heavy-duty shelving racks designed to display heavy cases of beer. Shelving is either 78” or 84” tall and comes in a variety of depths and lengths to accommodate your store’s size and shape. All Handy Store Fixtures Beer Cooler Shelving units are painted NSF approved black.

Example: Beer cave shelving

Benefits: Beer cave shelving can support heavy beverages such as 30-pack cases of beer while promoting impulse or convenience purchases.

Book Shelves

Adjustable, upright shelf that feature a sloped shelf design to display books, magazines, and other periodicals face-forward or with the book’s spine facing out towards customers.

Benefits of adjustable retail book shelves:

  • Adjustable book shelves provides retailers the flexibility to display various types of books/media, ranging in size, while enabling customers to fully view a book’s title, cover, and sale information without having to physically move stock on and off of the shelves
Bottle Storage Unit

Retail shelving designed to keep prescription bottles organized and displayed neatly. Slanted, self-feeding pullout drawers allow pharmacists to easily restock bottles and locate customer prescriptions.

Cross or Tie-in Merchandising

Displaying related or complementary items together to influence potential customers into purchasing multiple items.

Examples: Displays for motor oil and motor oil filters, wine display units and corkscrews, coffee counters and packaged snacks.

Benefits of cross-merchandising:

Cross-merchandising allows store owners to increase the likelihood that specific products will be purchased. By using cross merchandising to promote high-margin items, customer flow is streamlined to give focused products the highest visibility.

End Cap Shelving

Fixtures that coordinate with gondola or wall shelving to add display space for high profile merchandise. These are ideal for promoting holiday displays, promotional items, or impulse purchases.

Benefits: End cap shelving can help increase impulse purchases and can creatively display promotional products or special occasion items.

End Unit Displays

Single-sided retail shelving units which include a base shelf and a back panel that can incorporate either slatwall, pegboard, gridwall, or a solid board. End units or "end caps" are designed to allow retailers the flexibility to merchandise at the beginning and the end of gondola shelving units.

Designed to increase product visibility throughout a store, end units come in five different widths, 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48" and should always match the height and width of the adjacent gondola.

Free-Standing Shelving Units

Free-standing shelving units are a variety of retail displays, including POP display racks, tables, and shelves, that are designed to provide flexibility of where products are displayed within a store’s layout and are not wall mounted. Free-standing displays often provide multi-directional product visibility and can be used as part of an effective cross-merchandising strategy designed to increase impulse sales.

Gondola Checkout Counters

Gondola shelving fixtures used specifically for giving retailers extra merchandise display space at their checkout counters. Retailers often use these fixtures to encourage impulse sales and increase profits. These fixtures maximize valuable merchandise space by having shelves on both sides of the store’s counters.

Gondola Dolly System

Mobile gondola shelving fixture that features a heavy-duty caster system underneath the bottom of the gondola. System consists of a solid welded steel frame with (4) heavy duty casters and is designed for simple installation. 

Allows retailers the flexibility to move gondolas around the store without having to take the fixture apart. An ideal display for seasonal displays near retail sales counters.  

Gondola Shelving

Double-sided steel shelving fixtures which are designed to include a base shelf and a back panel that can incorporate slatwall, pegboard, gridwall, solid board or open back. Gondola shelves are adjustable vertically every 2 inches, fitting into slotted notches that can hold the shelf flat or slanted.

Metal shelves are reinforced with welded support channels. Retail gondola shelving are featured in 3 or 4 foot sections which consist of a "starter" and/or "add-on" fixture.

Types of gondolas:

  • Retail "island" Gondolas
  • Gondola Checkout Counters
  • Gondola Shelving with Castors (gondola dolly system)
Gondola Shelving Parts

Accessories that attach to existing gondola shelves or fixtures to create more adaptable and durable retail display options. These can include wire dividers, baskets, or shelf frames.

Benefits: Gondola shelving can highlight oddly shaped merchandise, display heavier items, or promote items such as books and craft kits. If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your gondola shelving, our simple installation process allows retailers to easily replace gondola shelving parts.

Impulse Sales

Impulse sales are unplanned purchases by consumers based on triggering an emotion from either a promotional message or retail display. Often times, products bought on impulse aren't functional or necessary in the consumers' lives, but because of instant self gratification, appeal to the emotional side of consumers.

Impulse buying has a significant impact on a retailers ROI. A classic example is a customer shopping for toiletries or pain medication and making the decision to purchase candy or gum out of impulse. 

Industrial Shelving

Adjustable, upright gondola shelving fixtures designed for heavy merchandise such as auto parts, electronics, and home improvement items. Industrial metal shelving are similar to standard retail gondola shelving, with both including built-in price tag molding and the ability to include shelf dividers. Industrial metal shelving also includes welded support channels as reinforcement for heavy loads.

Loss Leader

A retail pricing strategy designed to spark customer interest in a product by tactfully offering a below-market price to entice customers to make additional purchases of regularly priced products. An example of a loss leader would be free trial subscriptions. Giving customers a preview of the service or software, which will likely result in them purchasing a paid subscription.

Pet Store Fixtures

Retail shelving that incorporates a variety of store fixtures to create an efficient pet store design. These display fixtures can include gondola shelving, retail end frames, and retail sales counters.

Benefits: Pet store fixtures can display a variety of pet products in creative ways to create store zones, boost retail sales, and increase impulse purchases.

Point of Purchase (POP) Display

Point of purchase displays, commonly referred to as POP, are specialized marketing materials or displays placed adjacent to or around products that are being promoted to increase impulse purchases. This can also be referred to as visual merchandising.

POP displays can be either made from steel, wood, acrylic (plastic) or cardboard and play a specific role in any cross merchandising display promotion.

Retail Beer Coolers

Large, refrigerated units that display beverages while keeping them cold and ready for consumption. Beverage coolers can range from small freestanding units to walk-in coolers.

Benefits of retail beer coolers:

  • Retail beer coolers can help promote impulse purchases and boost retail sales by providing ready-to-consume beverages that are easily accessible.
Retail Store Layout Design

Retail store layout planning is the process of designing a store's sales floor in order to influence consumer selection and purchasing behavior. Two critical aspects of a store layout consist of consumer behavior flow (foot traffic) and floor plan design. 

For a retail business to be successful, aspects such as store fixtures, flooring, lighting, and signage all play an intrical part of the floor plan design. A successful consumer flow design will impact the behavior of your customers once they are inside your store, its essential retailers understand these patterns and merchandise accordingly. 

Retail Wall Shelving

Shelving units that attach to retail store walls to create a range of display options. Wall Unit Heights range from 36" to 144”. Retail wall shelving can be used in nearly any store setting, including (but not limited to) hardware stores, pharmacies, beauty supply stores, and pet stores. 

Benefits of retail wall shelving:

  • Retail shelving maximizes space and provides a sturdy display option for products of all shapes and sizes.
Retail Wall Units

Retail store wall fixtures that are placed around the perimeter of the store. These fixtures provide storage and displays for products that need options beyond standard shelving. Examples include gondola shelves featuring perforated board hooks, display security cabinets, and oil rack displays for auto parts shelving.

Benefits of retail wall units include:

  • Retail wall units can maximize store space and offer creative display options while securing retail products.
Rx Security Case

Wooden retail Rx counter designed to keep items safely locked away from unauthorized persons. Typically used in the pharmacy industry, security units are ideal for keeping sensitive customer information private. Features include convenient top drawer, a locking bottom door, and an adjustable bottom shelf.

Shelving Corner Units

Upright shelving designed to fit in front of interior corners within a store layout to provide additional shelving and display space that is otherwise lost or underutilized as walls/shelves meet at a 90 degree angle.

Fitted with inside corner shelves or utilizing either slat board or pegboard, upright corner shelving units continue product merchandising from wall to wall, filling in otherwise “dead” space.

Store Shelves

Individual units that provide a surface for displaying retail items and other objects. Examples include retail gondola shelves for general display; tiered display racks for magazines and books; wire shelving; and candy shelves.

Benefits of store shelves:

  • Store shelving helps retailers display a variety of merchandise, create store zones and retail focal points, and simplify restocking of popular items.
Store Shelving

A series of fixtures or store furniture that displays items using shelving. Store shelving can come in many designs to accommodate the size and layout of stores in various industries. Examples include gondola shelving, retail shelving, and pharmacy shelving.

Benefits of store shelving:

  • Store shelving can help display and highlight key products in your store while creating more room for foot traffic and organizing your store into zones.
Wall Unit Shelving

Single-sided retail shelving units which include a base shelf and a back panel that can incorporate either slatwall, pegboard, gridwall, or a solid board that is designed to go up against walls.

Available in both 3' or 4' "starter" and "add-on" sections, wall unit shelving displays maximize a retailer’s ability to merchandise around the perimeter of their store. The most common heights for wall units are 72", 84", and 96" and for "large-box" retail locations with lofty ceilings, even go as high as 118" or 144” with one solid vertical post.

Wide Span Shelving

Store shelving fixtures that are designed for displaying large amounts of heavy merchandise. By incorporating heavy-duty beams and decks, this type of shelving is common in pet store displays, beer coolers, and paint stores.

Benefits: Wide span shelving will support heavy merchandise while displaying large products, making them easy to access. Wide span shelving can be displayed either on the sales floor of your store or in backroom storage areas.

Y Extender

Retail store shelving typically used to hold to long and obscure products such as PVC or copper piping. This two-sided, welded steel fixture includes a “y” design on each side to keep items secure and organized.

Full “y” extenders are considered a gondola accessory and can fit over gondolas with a 60” minimum height.