How to Increase Sales with End Units

How to Increase Sales with End Units

Endcaps are prime display real estate in your store because they are highly visible to all customers who pass them. Because customers who are in a hurry often walk only the perimeter of the store, end units offer the most visibility. Wondering how to increase sales with end units? Check out our tips below!

Increase Visibility With 180 Degree End Units

If you are placing something on an end unit, you want people to be able to see it. Take advantage of the full line of sight by choosing an end unit that is curved or angled so that it can be seen from the sides, as well as head on. This allows busy customers to see your display as they approach it from either side.

What To Display on End Units

The items on your end units should be the items you want to move the quickest. At the front of your store, try displaying items with high profit margins or new products that will excite customers and promote an impulse purchase. At the back of the store, display clearance or sale items you need to move quickly, items that go along with other items in the back aisle, or products that will draw people into the interior aisles of your store. End unit displays can either hold one type of merchandise or you can combine complementary items to encourage multiple purchases.

Don’t Limit Your Sales By Limiting Your Customers

Your end caps should display items that most of your customers would be interested in. This isn’t the place for specialty items with niche appeal. Instead, opt for items that your average customer would want and could afford. Placing expensive items on end caps usually increases the rate at which they sell, particularly if the item is viewed as exclusive or is well-known. Still, you want your end units to display items that convert to sales on a regular basis. Choose something your customers will love, and you will see your item fly off the shelves.

Mix Things Up

End caps are the most visible part of your retail display. Keep things looking fresh to keep your regulars interested and coming back. Ideally, you will change your end cap displays weekly or biweekly by highlighting a new product or products. If your end caps are always the same, your regular customers will learn to avoid them. Catch their eye with a new display each time they come in, and your sales will increase.

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