3 Fixtures Found in a Profitable Liquor Store

3 Fixtures Found in a Profitable Liquor Store

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Liquor Stores, Store Fixtures
On June 06, 2016

Wood Wine Rack

Despite what you might assume, liquor stores don’t make profits just by virtue of carrying liquor. True, people like liquor, and it can be sold at a high margin. It’s also true people tend to spend on it even in downturns because a.) Some people really like liquor (please drink responsibly) and b.) Regardless of the economy, couples still get married, young adults graduate from college, and (adult) partiers will always be ready to party.

That said, a store’s shelving can separate the more profitable liquor stores from the less profitable ones. Customers might want to party, but if you hide your best stuff, you’re leaving profits on the shelf.

Fixture 1: Display racks

Consider shelving that truly showcases your packaged beer, wine, and bottles of liquor. For example, do your wine display racks have bottles both on top and in the racks below? Are they specific by grape varieties (e.g., Merlot and Cabernet racks)?

Fixture 2: Gondola shelving & retail wall displays

How attractive is the gondola shelving for all your accessories like corkscrews, bottle openers, koozies, flasks, shot glasses and beer steins? Use retail wall displays to hold long rows of regular wine and liquor bottles.

Fixture 3: End unit displays

The ends of retail displays are arguably the most important space in any store. Consider end cap displays for promotions, holiday/seasonal specials, or the most profitable merchandise in general. These units maximize space when used in coordination with existing units. End units are also great for showcasing holiday displays and any promotional items.

Check out our sample liquor store displays for more inspiration. Cheers to insanely good profits!

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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