3 Innovative Ways to Use a Metal Security Case in Your Retail Store

3 Innovative Ways to Use a Metal Security Case in Your Retail Store

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On May 08, 2018

Metal security cases are important to have in your retail store if you have any type of expensive or rare merchandise; however, how you use your metal security case will vary depending on location, presentation, and functionality. Read on for 3 ways to use a metal security case in your retail store.

Display Counter

Metal security cases are perfect for a display counter with an employee standing behind them and rear-locking access. This high-end setup is popular with beauty stores, jewelry stores, and antique stores because it gives customers an opportunity to view expensive products through the glass within viewing distance of an employee. It also encourages employee interaction which ensures questions will be answered promptly and that the sale will be closed. Our wooden showcase display cabinets are perfect to use as a display counter at your checkout or in a standalone unit.


Locked Display for Expensive Products

Another popular type of metal security case is a locked display for expensive products. These displays are typically placed on the sales floor or behind the cash wrap and are locked from the front. Because they don’t facilitate conversations like the display counter, these are best used for products where the customer will already know what he or she wants like with expensive liquors or antiques. It’s important to place these retail displays close to the checkout counter so that employees can unlock the case quickly and efficiently. Learn how to choose the perfect locked display.

Open Display with Locked Storage Underneath

If you are displaying products that customers will want to touch and feel, wire base retail security cases work best. Their unique design allows you to display products openly while storing expensive boxed products in the locked storage beneath. This allows customers to test out the look and feel of the products before choosing the best option. These are popular in hardware and electronics stores.

Do you need help choosing the right metal security case for your store? Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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