3 Reasons to Add a Car Wash to Your Convenience Store

3 Reasons to Add a Car Wash to Your Convenience Store

As the margins for gas and tobacco profits get thinner and thinner, many convenience store owners are looking for new ways to increase revenue. Adding a car wash just might be the answer. Read on for 3 reasons to add a car wash to your convenience store.

No Labor Costs

Running a car wash used to be an expensive business, but with the advancements in technology today, many new car washes are fully automated. This means that you can charge customers for a detailed car wash without having to pay for labor. This increases your profit margins, but it also decreases the amount of time and energy you will need to spend on running the car wash. No need to do extra payroll, scheduling, or hiring. Just purchase the equipment, advertise the service, and start collecting money.

You Have a Prime Location

You already have an excellent location; that’s what makes your store a convenience store. Customers pass by you every day, and that means you have a great spot for a car wash. Because of your ideal location, you will have a steady stream of customers looking to wash their cars, many of them multiple times per month. As a matter of fact, many automated car washes offer loyalty programs to bring customers in multiple times throughout the month. They receive a discount for purchasing in bulk, and you get paid whether they use them all or not.

More Customers In Your Store

One of the most important reasons to add a car wash to your convenience store is to increase the number of customers who purchase other items. Just like gasoline brings people to your store on a daily basis, an automatic car wash will do the same thing. When people visit your location to wash their cars, they’ll be more likely to come in and purchase a soft drink, snack, or other convenience store item with higher margins. The more needs you can meet in one location, the more likely customers will choose your store over competitors; a car wash just adds to the number of things customers can check off their list by stopping in.

Once customers stop in, you want to make sure your convenience store is optimized to sell. Check out these tips for convenience store owners and success stories of owners who have used our convenience store fixtures.

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