3 Tips For a Successful Store Layout Design

3 Tips For a Successful Store Layout Design

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On July 21, 2017

There are a lot of things to focus on when you own your own business, and it can be difficult to pinpoint which areas will make the biggest difference on your bottom line. Still, most retailers can agree that optimizing your store layout is a crucial part of the equation. Read on to learn 3 tips for a successful store layout design to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

1. Let Customers Decompress

It turns out you shouldn’t be putting your promotional products and most prominent displays at the very front of your store by the doors because your customers will brush right past them. Customers need a decompression zone (usually the first 5-15 feet inside your store) to transition to shopping mode. Anything that is placed in the decompression zone is likely to be missed. Instead, keep this area clear and spacious, so customers have a second to relax and transition before starting their shopping experience.

2. Pick Your Store Layout Design

There are three basic store layout designs. The grid layout is set up with aisles like a traditional grocery store. The loop floor plan defines a central aisle around the center of the store similar to Target and Best Buy. The free flowing floor plan is more relaxed and allows customers to meander throughout the store in a less formalized flow. Whichever layout you choose (or already have), make it fit your store and your customers.

3. Optimize Your Flow

Most people turn right when they enter a store. From there, they will follow the visual cues you give them. Watch people as they enter your store and note where they go as they shop. Track where they pause, as well. After a handful of customers, you will start to recognize patterns unique to your store. Adjust your displays to maximize exposure to the average customer. This is an excellent way to see if there are any hiccups in your layout as well. If customers look confused or can’t find things, you may need to shuffle items around.

Now that you understand the store’s traffic flow, you know where people are most likely to see your displays. Choose functional fixtures and make sure to display items with high-profit margins and impulse buys in these hot spots to increase sales and profit.

Plan Your Store Layout Design

Check out our Store Design Process Guide to see how Handy can help you achieve your goals.

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