3 Tips for Keeping Holiday Products Safe in Your Store

3 Tips for Keeping Holiday Products Safe in Your Store

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Holidays
On October 30, 2015

Keeping all of the merchandise in your retail store safe during the holidays can be a challenge. You likely have ordered products in larger quantities than you typically do in order to ensure the high demands of holiday shoppers. Making sure all of those items are accounted for and secure while also managing an influx of customers, seasonal employees that might not know the ropes yet, and general day-to-day store duties can be overwhelming. If you aren’t prepared, you could be looking at increased theft rates this holiday season. Here are a few ways to keep your merchandise safe this holiday season.

Utilize security cases for higher priced items

Even though getting to the items in a security case will be a little more difficult because they are locked away, it will be worth it to preserve your expensive merchandise. If you have a particularly popular product under lock and key, just make sure you have a designated associate manning the case. This way sales aren’t held up and your products remain safe. Security cases come in a variety of styles:

  • Display Security Cabinets: Steel locked cabinet with clear doors and shelves inside for product visibility.
  • Wire Base Security Case: Shelf on top can display less expensive products while pricier items are locked behind the wire doors below.
  • Sliding Door Cabinet: Keep a sample product on top and keep the rest locked away below.
  • Mica Security case: A plastic laminate exterior allows customers to peer at the items inside while they remain protected from theft and damage.

Beef up and train your staff

It’s important to go into the holiday season with a well-stocked staff. They should be trained and ready to go before the crowds begin to arrive, to avoid training them while your store is already busy. Keeping staff members on high alert for theft and the signs to look out for is crucial. Know the more vulnerable spots in your store, such as hidden corners and fitting rooms. Have staff members dedicated to keeping their eyes open to possible trouble. You can also majorly reduce theft by focusing on excellent customer service. A thief is less likely to steal when an associate is walking around the store with them.

Put up cameras and signs

Signs indicating, “shoplifters will be prosecuted” can sometimes be enough to deter theft. Having cameras installed (even if they aren’t on) is also a major obstacle that shoplifters often won’t find worth the risk.

Keeping your expensive merchandise locked away, training employees on what signs of theft to be on the lookout for as well as increasing your staff, and putting up deterrents like cameras and signs should help keep your store safe this holiday season.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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