3 "Handy" Tips to Increase Product Exposure with Retail Shelving

3 "Handy" Tips to Increase Product Exposure with Retail Shelving

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Gondola Shelves
On August 06, 2018

There have been plenty of studies done on the best ways to get customers into your store, keep them interested in products, and have them stay loyal to your brand. One of the items with the most significant impact on customer purchasing is how you shelve your products. We’ve given you general tips on shelving success before, but today we will focus on 3 "Handy" tips to increase product exposure by shelving differently.

Increase Product Exposure By Competitive Shelving

Have you ever taken a walk through your competitors’ stores? It’s well worth it, especially if you have a competitor that is much larger and more established than you are. Bigger stores and retail chains can afford to do market research, so see what they are doing, and you’ll be able to obtain all the benefits of market research without the expense. Of course, you don’t want to copy their exact styling; you just want to take a look at how their shelving is different from your own and whether or not it seems to be working. Does it draw your eye when you enter? What appears to be displayed most prominently? Take note and see how you can implement some of the ideas in your store. This is also a great way to make sure that your shelving stands out from your competitors, as you don’t want to be too similar to another brand.

Increase Product Exposure with Eye Level Shelving

Studies indicate that customers immediately scan through products at eye level, often missing the products on top and bottom shelves. It’s also important to remember that in Western culture, customers will scan products with their sight from left to right. Place products with the highest revenue towards the left at eye level on whatever shelving fixtures you have. This also makes your products more accessible, allowing customers to grab them quickly without having to reach up or down.

Increase Product Exposure by Decluttering Your Shelves

While it may be tempting to place as many products at eye level as possible, you don’t want to overwhelm your customers. Having too much in one space can look cluttered and disorganized, making it difficult for customers to get a sense of their options or price match products. It’s also important to keep your shelves looking neat. A clean, organized shelf looks professional and increases customer confidence in a product.

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