4 Display Options to Maximize Tire Sales in Your Auto Parts Store

4 Display Options to Maximize Tire Sales in Your Auto Parts Store

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Store Fixtures
On January 10, 2018

Displaying automobile tires and other bulky merchandise is not an easy task for many independent retailers. Unfortunately, it is all to commonplace for many auto parts stores just stack their tires in piles, expecting customers to be able to browse and make decisions in a cluttered unprofessional looking environment. Luckily there is hope, and it doesn’t need to be messy! Read on to learn about 4 Handy Store Fixture display options that will maximize tire sales in your auto parts store.

Cross-sell With the Handy Base Tire Rack

If you have a small selection of tires in your auto parts store, consider using our base tire rack to display them along the bottom of a section of your gondola shelves. That way, customers can easily view the selection of tires available while browsing other items.

To maximize tire sales, consider cross-merchandising by putting the tires under complementary items. For instance, placing your tires under fix-a-flat and other tire-related products will put them front and center when a customer is already thinking about his or her tires. Rather than purchasing a quick fix to patch the tire, seeing that you have tires available in-store will encourage some shoppers to buy a new tire instead.

Maximize Display Room with Tire Shelves

Need more room for your tire displays? Consider adding a second layer of tires to your retail display with the Handy Store Fixtures tire shelf. It looks like the tire rack, but hooks into your current shelving unit using welded brackets to show tires at a higher and more visible height. This is an ideal option for displaying a wide selection of tires in a small section of your store. Or, if you have a large selection of tires, consider using an entire wall of tire shelves and base tire racks for an eye-catching display that can be accompanied by tire accessory products which are commonly seen at your local car dealership.

Educate Customers with the Handy Tire Desk

Purchasing tires are overwhelming for many customers, especially when there are a lot of options to choose from. Consider using the tire desk to display relevant tire comparisons and information so customers can feel more confident in their purchase. This is also an excellent place to show literature about how often tires should be inspected, how to examine them, and what to do when they need to be replaced.

Combine It All With the Store Tire Display Rack

We’ve put together a simplified package that includes two base tire racks, two tire shelves, a tire desk, and everything else you need for a stand-out tire display. The store tire display rack is perfect for maximizing tire sales. Not sure if it will work for your needs? Reach out to us and let our team of store design specialists help develop the perfect layout for your auto parts store that is geared to promoting sales.

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