5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Holidays
On November 07, 2014

With the holidays right around the corner it is time to start thinking about your eye catching holiday retail shelving ideas. Having the right store displays is a major part of drawing the crowds of holiday shoppers into your store. Your windows should stand out among the rest and beckon customers inside. It is also important to keep a lot of extra merchandise on-hand and make sure you are fully staffed. Here are 5 ways to boost holiday sales.

Have enough products on-site

Try hard to get an accurate estimate on how much product you will need. Keep back stock areas full of extra merchandise to ensure every customer finds what they are looking for. Consistently check on your store displays to make sure there are no empty spaces where product needs to be refilled.

Make sure you are fully staffed

With the increased traffic flow that the holidays bring, make sure you have enough staff to cover shifts. You will want more people on the sales floor and in the back room this time of year. Start hiring before the holidays hit and keep hiring throughout the season to ensure coverage. But be sure to hire good, quality employees and not just someone to fill in a slot on the schedule; doing that will only hinder sales in your store.

Get creative with your retail displays

Create eye catching windows to draw in the busy holiday shoppers walking by. With all of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, there needs to be something about your store front that makes the hurried and frazzled customers choose to come inside. Keep your window well-lit, on trend with the holiday theme, and showcase a nice display of merchandise without overcrowding.

Make sure merchandise is easily shoppable

In addition to creating these beautiful window displays and in-store displays, products need to be organized on retail shelving in an efficient way with clear signage directing customers to what they are trying to find.

Product knowledge and demonstrability are important

Educate your sales team on all of your products to ensure they can quickly and efficiently answer shopper questions. When appropriate, customers should also be able to try out merchandise or have a sales associate demonstrate it for them. Help you employees come up with creative and non-aggressive sales pitches to go along with the product demonstration. Having a good understand of how the product works is a great start, if they understand the benefits of an item it is easy to sell to others.

The holiday season can be stressful for retail store owners, but it is also a time of major profitability. Keep a level head and prepare your staff for the likely influx of customers. Get your store organized ahead of time and be ready when the time comes to greet holiday shoppers.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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