5 Ways to Engage & Attract Gen Z Shoppers

5 Ways to Engage & Attract Gen Z Shoppers

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Retail Growth Strategies
On February 18, 2020

Generation Z is predicted to impact 40% of all consumer shopping by the end of 2020. These young people are just graduating from college, but they already have a strong influence on global trends.

Born between 1995 and 2009, Generation Z was the first generation to “grow up” with the internet and social media. They are tech-savvy yet still prefer shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. And they are a powerful force when it comes to consumer purchases.

Learning how to market to a new generation can cause some retailers anxiety and frustration. However, with the right tools, companies of all sizes can learn to connect to Generation Z and make the most of their unique traits. To help, we’ve compiled five tips to help your store engage and attract Generation Z consumers.

Encourage & Advertise Reviews

Gen Z shoppers love giving—and reading—reviews. Research shows they are more likely to review a positive shopping experience and carefully read reviews before making a purchase.

Take advantage of this by providing a review section on your website. Ask shoppers in-person to leave a review and feature the best ones prominently on your website or in your store. Don’t forget to monitor reviews on platforms such as Google and Facebook to ensure you’re responding to both positive and negative feedback. This shows potential shoppers that you care about your customers.

Encourage Impulse Buys

Although Gen Z shoppers carefully review potential purchases, they enjoy the experience of impulse purchases at a store. While just over half say they make a list before going shopping, about one-quarter of Gen Z consumers will make impulse purchases, compared to just 19% of Millennials.

Place impulse purchases strategically on end caps, and consider converting your checkout experience into a retail sales counter. Impulse items that do well with this group include snacks, drinks, and accessories.

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Connect with Mobile Marketing

This generation grew up with mobile phones, and it shows. They prefer texting to talking, and connecting with friends through various social media apps. They are also highly influenced by social media marketing and digital creators.

While they are less likely to use coupons, Generation Z shoppers can be influenced by mobile marketing. Social media ads, text messages with sales announcements, and special discounts through your store’s app can encourage them to stop in and shop for a while. Connect with influencers and creators to feature products and promote popular items through mobile marketing.

Tell Them What to Buy

Generation Z doesn’t like to be wrong. All their lives, they’ve had a plethora of data at their fingertips. As a result, they want to make the right decision every time… but many struggle with making decisions.

Help them out by creating a simpler decision making process with the right signage. Create comparison charts for big purchase items that show which product has the most features, is the least expensive, or will last the longest. For items at lower price points, give them a nudge with encouraging signage such as “employee favorite!” or “Mom will love this!” Simply put, influence their purchasing power by telling them why they want to buy.

Have a Simple Return Process

While they may want help with purchase decisions, Gen Z is also more likely to return or exchange products. Researchers found that this generation returns up to 75% of online purchases. What the report does not show is whether Gen Z makes these purchases themselves or if they are returning items that were purchased for them.

Regardless, it’s important to be prepared. Keep your return and exchange process as simple as possible. Make sure your policies are clearly displayed online and in-store. Double-check policies before high-buying times, and train employees to properly and efficiently handle returns and exchanges.

Although it may be challenging to understand their point of view, there is no need to consult a crystal ball when marketing to the most influential shopping group in the country. With the right strategies in place and a well-designed store, you can de-mystify Generation Z and maximize their shopping habits.

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