6 Most Popular Gondola Fixtures for Auto Parts Stores

6 Most Popular Gondola Fixtures for Auto Parts Stores

People love their cars and auto parts stores carry a wide variety of merchandise in different sizes and weights. Properly displaying your wares properly and have everything accessible to customers is critical to the success of your auto parts shop. Read on to learn 6 popular gondola fixtures for auto parts stores that will help you improve product display and storage and increase “in-store” sales.

Retail Gondola Shelves

Retail gondola shelves are the most popular because they perfectly compliment gondola fixtures in most settings, and auto parts stores are no exception. With the versatility of being able to adjust shelf height and placement, standard shelves are an excellent staple for your auto parts store displays. Standard shelves will work with most items in your store, but when something doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit, there are plenty of other options available.

Slatwall Hooks or Pegboard Hooks

In an auto parts store, you have plenty of items that need to hang to best be displayed. Use slatwall hooks or pegboard hooks to hang any items with hang tags for improved accessibility and visibility. When customers can find items easily, they are more likely to purchase.

Chrome Wire Fencing & Dividers

The ultimate in customization for storing and displaying small items, chrome wire fencing and dividers are entirely customizable. Choose the size of each section to best accommodate items that are difficult to display, allowing customers to easily scan for the correct part they need.

Open End Baskets

Open end baskets are a staple in any auto parts store display. Large enough to fit slightly bulky items that won’t work elsewhere and open enough to allow customers ease of access, these baskets are perfect for items you just can’t figure out how to display. Take advantage of practical open end basket dividers to perfectly create a display that best fits the needs of display.

End Unit Retail Displays

Maximize sales by targeting customers who came in for a quick, specific purchase with related items that will make life easier or save them a trip later. Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, or even drinks and food items make excellent end cap retail displays at auto parts stores. End caps are also a great place to encourage specific product choices. Place an end cap display with your highest margin and/or best quality oil change supplies near the front of the store. Customers who value convenience over savings will appreciate being able to make a quick stop and not having to pick a brand.

Gondola Checkout Counter

Increase impulse sales with a functional gondola checkout counter, and be sure to stock it with all the products your customers purchase on a whim. From candy and drinks to batteries, tire pressure gauges, and other small automotive tools, your checkout counter should be well-stocked with the things customers won’t be able to pass up which will increase the revenue of your auto store.

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