Auto Store Displays: Motor Oil Racks

Auto Store Displays: Motor Oil Racks

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On October 31, 2017

Motor oil is a staple item in your auto store. There are plenty of ways to store and display your motor oil, but you need to choose the option that is best for your store layout and customer needs. Read on to see the options available so you can decide the best fit for your store.

Increase Impulse Purchases With Standard Shelves

If you have a smaller store or offer a limited supply of motor oil, standard shelves may work for you. These can be placed around the perimeter of your store or even combined with other types of shelving in the middle aisles. Typically, you want customers who are coming in to purchase motor oil to see other items and grab them while they are in the store. Combining a limited supply of motor oil with other impulse buys may increase your overall sales. The main disadvantage of standard shelves is that you are limited in the amount of motor oil you can display/store at one time, but if you have a smaller selection anyway, this is a great way to go.

Display Large Quantities of Motor Oil with Oil Rack Display Shelves

Oil rack display shelves are tall shelves that allow you to store and display quarts and cases of oil. They have plenty of room for all the brands you carry, and they can be quickly restocked from behind, so you don’t have to block customer access while you are restocking. The shelves are slanted for better visibility and more natural restocking, and they hold a lot of oil - so no need to keep your extra stock in a back room. Oil rack display shelves are best for auto stores that carry large quantities of motor oil and have enough room to dedicate a section or wall to an oil display.

Cross Merchandising Motor Oil In Your Store Layout

Increase your sales by placing relevant items that are often forgotten near your motor oil racks. Oil filters and drip pans are an obvious choice, but you may also consider windshield wiper fluid, windshield wipers, salt, or whatever else might catch a customer’s attention. Pay attention to what they come in for (where they head when they first come in) and what additional items they purchase to get an idea of the types of auto merchandise that might work for cross promotion.

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