Boost Impulse Candy Sales in your Convenience Store

Boost Impulse Candy Sales in your Convenience Store

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Convenience Stores
On June 02, 2017

Candy is the number one impulse item purchased in a convenience store, according to NACS Convenience Tracking Program (CTP) data. Impulse buying is an excellent opportunity to increase revenue for convenience stores, and candy sales can significantly boost your bottom line. Learn how to best merchandise your candy displays with these three tips and tricks.

Display Candy in Impulse Buying Zones



So, why are customers candy crushing? The low cost and general appeal make candy the best items for impulse purchases. And the high-profit margin means it is worth your time to ensure customers encounter candy at peak moments of impulse purchasing.

To boost impulse candy sales, display these items in at least two places throughout the store, one of which should be at the checkout counter or checkout line. Having a secondary section where there is additional candy available will increase revenue, and if you want to ramp things up, consider having a candy aisle with a candy end-cap at the front of the store. The more opportunities you give customers to see impulse items, the more likely they are to purchase.

Make Your Display Visually Appealing

If your candy display is organized poorly, customers won’t be able to find their favorite items. Product placement is key. Generally, it is best to place gum and mints on top, with the most popular name brand, chocolates directly below across two-thirds of the display and non-chocolate candies across the remaining one-third. However, there is more to consider than just type of candy. Be sure to keep standard size bars in the strike zone while also keeping the king size bars available and visible. Seasonal items, such as chocolate eggs, Santas and Valentine hearts, should be separately displayed in hotspots around the store.

Manage Your Inventory

All candy is not created equal. You can’t carry everything out there on the market, but you do want to make sure you have the candy your customers are looking for. Stay on top of newly released items so you can entice the customers who may have seen advertising campaigns. If you are unsure about which candy items should be displayed at checkout and which should be in the candy aisle, here’s a tip: be sure to put items with the highest profit margin at your checkout lane. Stay on top of your inventory, introduce new items when possible, and maximize the visibility of your highest profit-margin candies.

These are just some of the ways you can boost impulse candy sales in your convenience store. When customers can easily find the candy they desire, they will likely add it to their purchase, increasing sales and profits.

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