Brick and Mortar Stores vs. Online Stores: How to Increase Foot Traffic

Brick and Mortar Stores vs. Online Stores: How to Increase Foot Traffic

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On September 07, 2018

While the internet has forever altered the world of consumerism as we know it, one thing can’t be denied: people are still shopping!  Read on to learn both digital and traditional ways to increase foot traffic to your retail store.

Claim Your Business Listing on Google

Brick and mortar stores need to have an online presence; otherwise, how will your customers find you? What would you do if you were in a new town and wanted to find a gift store (or liquor store, convenience store, grocery store, etc.)? Chances are that you would immediately grab the nearest smartphone and search for what you are looking for in the town. Internet users rely on Google to act as their gateway to brick and mortar stores. Many retail stores still do not have a website or social media account, but worse yet, many smaller retailers have failed to claim their business listing on Google. These listings are free and allow you to edit information, post store hours, reply to reviews customers leave, add videos, or even let searchers text a message to your phone! If you want to increase foot traffic to your store, the number one thing you should do is claim your business listing on Google.

Newspapers Are Dead. Direct Mailing Lives On.

Ditch the newspaper ads (unless they include online advertising as well). Most people in your community probably don’t even receive the newspaper anymore. If you want to stick with more traditional advertising, choose a direct mailing campaign instead. This is still a tangible piece of paper you send to customers, and if you have an agency that manages direct mailing in your area, it might not be as expensive as you think to send a postcard to everyone in your city/county/region. Junk mail may usually get tossed, but if you create a compelling offer, direct mail is still a great way to increase foot traffic.

Use Social Media

Chances are that you have a lot of people in your community who know about your retail store. Many of them may be loyal customers willing to recommend you to their friends. Use social media as a tool to connect with your loyal customers, reach new customers through targeted low-cost advertising, and encourage social sharing of your products and offerings. Giving discounts to those who share your page or a photo from your store will help increase foot traffic from their friends.

Getting people in the door is only half the battle. Once they’re inside, you need to convert them into loyal customers. At Handy, we help you create a store design (and find the right retail store fixtures and accessories) to wow your customers and keep them coming back. Read our customer success stories or contact us today to learn how we can help.

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