Case Study: Bucks & Hot Rods - Jacksboro, TX

Case Study: Bucks & Hot Rods - Jacksboro, TX

Recently, Handy Store Fixtures was contacted online by Rod Heltzel of Jacksboro, Texas. Rod wanted to open a liquor store, but was unsure about the store planning aspect of running a new business. Our Store Design Specialist, Jim Lackey, assured Rod that he would help him through the entire process.

Through a series of emails and phone calls, Jim and Rod began the store planning phase of the project based on rough sketches provided by Rod. Once Jim received the drawings from Rod, he began working with our Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) designer to create a liquor store layout designed to sell wine, beer, and fine spirits merchandise.


Jim provided Rod with digital information regarding Handy Store Fixtures’ liquor store shelving. Rod was appreciative of all the information Jim sent over to him.

”Thanks Jim. I hope you turn out to be the person I need to help me overcome my lack of experience and knowledge about setting up a successful liquor store. Will check out the links and try to educate myself some before I call you back.”

In the meantime, Jim and our CAD drafts-person worked on establishing a store design filled in with gondola shelving and the retail checkout counter.


During the early stages of the store planning conversations, the topic of color came up. Jim asked Rod what his thoughts were about color for the new store.

“Many liquors stores I have designed have gone to a texture black look with a medium wood-tone back panel. It is a very classy look that will immediately upscale the look of your business,” Jim told Rod.

Although appreciative of Jim’s expert advice, Rod had something else in mind.

“One of the things that drew me to Handy Store Fixtures after looking through their website was all the different color options,” Rod informed Jim that he wanted to use orange for his gondola shelving, because it was his favorite color. Rod had informed Jim that his love of the color orange was because he born on Halloween.


This is a perfect example of a Store Design Specialist and a customer working together to create a store environment that customers of Bucks and Hot Rods won’t soon forget.

Weeks after the order was placed, Rod’s brand new liquor store, Bucks & Hot Rods was ready for its much-anticipated grand opening. With its orange shelving units and prime location, Bucks & Hot Rods has been a huge success.


“The shelving is a big success. It was a helluva lot of work but worth it. Thanks for all you did for us!” Rod wrote to Jim weeks later.

No Rod, thank you and best of luck to your new store!




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