Choosing the Right Security Cases

Choosing the Right Security Cases

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Management
On April 05, 2016

Metal Security Case

You’re locking up your expensive merchandise, protecting your store from theft. But of course, you also want things to look good and appealing to customers.

When considering store security cases, the first thing you want to think about is the balance between functionality and presentation. If you’re locking up high-end items, presentation is still important. How does the security case fit in with the aesthetics and atmosphere of your store?

The next thing you want to think about is utility. How functional and easy to use is it? Who has access? Will it be centralized? How quickly can a staff member open it? More to the point, how long does a customer have to wait before they can see a locked item?

Some of the options are:

Display security cabinet

A steel-locked retail display cabinet is professional and practical. It’s good for electronics, small appliances, tools and phones. It can accept shelves inside. The base type includes 2 glass doors with track and lock.

Wire base retail security case

A wire retail case conveniently displays merchandise on top while storing away expensive products below. It can accept shelves inside, and you can lock and store stock below. This type of case is great for things like security items, phones and power tools. Two locking wire grid doors seal the deal.

Sliding door cabinet

A wooden display case with rear sliding doors that have a security lock provide a safe (yet stylish) way to showcase merchandise. Two glass shelves and a 32"H glass front round out this combination of elegance and security.

Mica security case

Show off your expensive merchandise with a Mica security display case, which is specifically designed for high-end products. Great for liquor bottles, its plastic laminate exterior will keep the upscale stuff safe. With or without lights, this case will protect with style.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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