Five Practical Applications for Gondola Shelving

Five Practical Applications for Gondola Shelving

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Gondola Shelves
On May 12, 2020

Gondola shelving is a time-tested true workhorse within the retail industry. Incredibly versatile and durable, gondolas can be useful in various configurations for your store’s specific shelving and display needs. However, not all gondola shelving units are equal. When displaying heavy or fragile items, your retail shelving units need to hold up to the task - or else you might be putting the safety of your customers at risk. 

Handy Store Fixtures has manufactured gondola shelving for over 60 years. Not only do we offer the highest retail quality shelving units, but we also offer the most size and color options with the fastest lead times in the store fixture industry. Our customers and store designers are great at finding new and innovative ways to maximize merchandise space, leading to increased in-store sales. This article highlights five practical ways our customers have creatively displayed gondola shelving in their retail spaces. 

Large Liquor (or Soda) Bottles 

If you sell drinks in large bottles, you know how challenging it can be to display them effectively. You will require store fixtures sturdy enough to hold the weight of dozens of bottles, yet easy for customers to see their options and grab their beverage of choice.

Our retail gondola shelves are up to the task. Heavy-duty shelves are adjustable on 2” centers. All shelves are reinforced with welded support channels, and the shelf brackets are welded to the shelf itself, providing extra security for heavy items. 

Gardening & Outdoor Supplies 

Gondola shelving features various back panels, like pegboard, which is optimal for displaying tall items using perforated plates or hanging objects with hooks and extenders. The gondola dolly system also means you can create a standout display. Whether you’re showcasing tiki torches, large planters, or garden shovels, a gondola shelving unit can help you maximize space while creating an eye-catching display that will increase tie-in sales for your store. 

Pet Supplies 

Pet stores stock large items such as pet food, crates, and beds that require sturdy and versatile shelving. Gondola display shelves can be adjusted to accommodate almost any product while maximizing your retail space. Create a functional display that features all your aquarium accouterments in one aisle, and stack 50-lb bags of dog food in another aisle. However you choose to use it, gondola shelving will hold up to the job and help you create a retail environment your customers will appreciate. 

Boot & Shoe Boxes

When you need a retail display that can hold big boxes of boots, gondola shelving is your best option. Thanks to the shelving units' versatility, you can create a display that features multiple boot styles while also holding boot boxes in all sizes. Since all gondola shelves can be sloped 45 degrees down, take advantage of steel front lips so that you can display boots at an angle that is easy for your customer. That means less running to the back for employees and more sales opportunities for customers. 

Heavy Duty Tools

When you need something to hold heavy tools and hardware accessories, look no further than gondola shelving. Our favorite retail application of this shelving in hardware stores features an added retail display security cabinet on end caps. You can even easily add a security case to an existing gondola shelving unit to protect valuable merchandise. Gondola displays are up to the task of holding both professional tools and DIY home improvement items. 

No matter your shelving and display needs, our gondola shelving is up to the task. Best of all, you don’t have to figure out the best configuration on your own. Our store design experts can provide custom store fixture solutions based on your budget and store requirements. 

Don’t settle for subpar retail gondola shelving. Call us today and discover how Handy Store Fixtures can help design a store environment that will set up your business for success.

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