Gondola Shelving 101: Your Complete Guide

Gondola Shelving 101: Your Complete Guide

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Gondola Shelving Accessories
On February 27, 2018

There’s a lot to decide when you are opening a retail store. What will you carry? What will you be called? What will your logo look like? But one question often gets missed - where are you going to put everything? If you are opening a retail store, you are going to need shelves, and gondola shelving is one of the best places to start. Read on to learn all about gondola shelving - what it is and how you can use it.

What is Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving is a retail fixture that stands on its own and displays merchandise on both sides. It is what you think of when you imagine walking down aisles of your favorite store. It consists of a base and vertical upright pieces that have slots and a pegboard, solid board or slatwall back panel. Gondola shelving units can feature standard shelves and can also be combined with hooks and other display accessories to create the ideal merchandising environment design to increase sales for your retail store.

How Can I Use Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving is great for maximizing your display precious merchandise space. When it comes to gondola shelving placement, you have two different options, though you can mix and match them to create a unique layout. The first option is to place the gondola shelving units end to end in rows throughout your store to create aisles. This is an efficient use of space and encourages shoppers to move efficiently through the store while still offering endcaps where you can showcase impulse items to your consumers. The other option is to place gondola shelving units as themed islands throughout your retail store. This is a more popular approach for boutiques or gift shops where customers come to browse and get lost in the shopping experience.

Extending Usage With Gondola Shelving Accessories

One of the primary benefits of gondola shelving is the wide variety of accessories available to extend their use. Whether you need to make your gondola shelves mobile with the Handy Store Fixtures Gondola Dolly System, need to maximize your display space with Upright Extenders, or just need to solve everyday display problems, these store fixture accessories will help. There are even gondola checkouts which carry the same design features and retailing benefits through to your retail checkout counter.

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