Gridwall vs Slatwall: Which One Is Right For Your Merchandise?

Gridwall vs Slatwall: Which One Is Right For Your Merchandise?

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Store Fixtures
On November 29, 2017

Choosing between slatwall and gridwall is a big decision and one that will affect the functionality and design of your store for as long as the system is in use. So which one is right for your merchandise? Read on for our comparison of slatwall vs. gridwall.

Gridwall: Fast, Versatile, Inexpensive

Gridwall is a common choice for retailers who are just starting out because it is inexpensive, easy to find, and can be changed around to fit different configurations in the future. Gridwall is incredibly versatile. The individual panels can be mounted to the wall or zip tied together to create free-standing units. Gridwall is also portable and lightweight so if you plan on using it for free-standing displays at pop-up shops, it would be a good option. The cons of gridwall are primarily aesthetic. It can be difficult, though not impossible, to make gridwall look like a permanent fixture in your retail space.

Slatwall: Beautiful, Permanent, Durable

Slatwall is easy to install and allows for tons of customization with accessories for just about any merchandising need. The best part about slatwall is that once it is installed, it looks permanent and plain. Because it blends in easily with other walls, you can decorate your store freely without worrying about your walls distracting customers. Slatwall looks elegant no matter what you put on it. The cons of slatwall come down to weight and portability. If you want to move your slatwall regularly or need to take them out of the store for pop-up shops, gridwall may be a better fit for your needs. Handy Store Fixtures offers a variety of different color slatwall panels. Black, White, Grey, Almond, Raw, Manchester, Devonshire, and Lancaster are the options available. To get an idea on how slatwall will look within our gondola shelving units, click on our colors page and use our interactive color chart.

Still Don’t Know Which One To Choose?

If you still can’t decide whether slatwall or gridwall is right for your merchandise, reach out to us. Our Store Design Consultants regularly help business owners design their retail store, including choosing the right retail store fixtures for your merchandise.

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