Handy Tips: Why Space Plus Conversion Kits Are Perfect for Your Retail Store

Handy Tips: Why Space Plus Conversion Kits Are Perfect for Your Retail Store

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Store Fixtures
On November 12, 2018

With all the shelving options available to retail store owners, how do you know which ones to choose? This decision can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Good news: Handy Store Fixtures’ Space Plus Conversion Kits are the answer to your troubles.

Space Plus Conversion Kits are ideal for retailers looking to effectively create a warehouse atmosphere within their store. They are perfect for retailers serving the liquor, automotive, pet and beauty supply store industries. In liquor retail stores, Space Plus conversion kits allow retailers to display a significant amount of various different liquors at one time, allowing for more variety and higher sales.

Our store design specialists recommend Space Plus Conversion Kits as the absolute best and most effective options for most retail stores. Space Plus Conversion Kits work in perfect conjunction with existing Handy Store Fixtures Gondola Shelving and Retail Wall units (wall units and gondolas should be 84-96 inches high for this pairing). Space Plus Conversion also provide retailers with the ability to store heavy-duty overstocked products above gondola and wall shelving units, so that this merchandise is readily available for re-stock at any moment, without having to go to a back warehouse.

When asked about the benefits of the Space Plus Conversion Kits, Handy Store Fixtures Vice President of Sales, Joe O’Brien, had this to say: “Our Space Plus allows retailers the flexibility to merchandise overstock products above their store fixture displays. This is very important, especially with retailers who do not have a ton of warehouse space. Also, Space Plus Conversion units increase the capacity of all gondola shelving. It’s a win-win!”

Space Plus Conversion Kits are available in any Handy Store Fixture powder-coated color. Retailers have the option to choose to match the color to their existing store fixtures, or choose a different color that highlights the Space Plus Conversion and the merchandise displayed.

At Handy Store Fixtures, we love assisting you, and we’ve been helping retail store owners maximize their sales for years (read our success stories). Learn more about who we are and when you’re ready, contact us to learn how we can help your retail store!

Space Plus Conversion shelving in a liquor store.

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