How Liquor Stores Can Use Space Plus Conversion Kits

How Liquor Stores Can Use Space Plus Conversion Kits

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Liquor Stores
On May 16, 2017

There are endless options for new storage and display solutions, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. What if you could makeover your current store without replacing your gondolas and wall units or purchasing wide frames or pallet rack units. Read on to learn how liquor stores can use space plus conversion kits to improve storage and display at a fraction of the cost.

What is a space plus conversion kit?

Space plus conversion kit allows retailers to transform your current gondola display into warehouse shelving. The unique warehouse shelves are built to connect with your existing system rather than standing alone, simplifying the process of installation and reducing the cost of transition.

Why should liquor stores choose space plus conversion kits?

The three most significant benefits of warehouse shelving are the look, space, and the strength. Many liquor stores like the clean look of space plus conversion kits, and they are available in a variety of colors to match your brand. They also provide a substantial amount of room to display and store products with deep shelf options; therefore, you won’t have to restock after each purchase. Plus, the shelves are incredibly strong, allowing you to store and display even the heaviest items with ease.

How versatile are space plus conversion kits?

The kits come in custom sizes to fit your liquor store needs. They can display anything from wine bottles to cases of beer, and they can hold heavy stock and bulk merchandise loads. One of the unique aspects of space plus conversion kits is that they can be combined with standard gondola shelving to create a custom look that meets the needs of your products, your space, and your customers.

Is it difficult to switch to space plus conversion kits?

The best part of space plus conversion kits is how simple they are to install. While we do recommend that you have two people for installation, it is a very straightforward process. There’s no need to change your current store layout or disassemble existing retail displays. Just switch out existing shelving with space plus conversion kit and put things back on the shelves.

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