How Retail Store Fixtures Displays can help Increase Holiday Sales

How Retail Store Fixtures Displays can help Increase Holiday Sales

In the blink of an eye, the holiday shopping season is now in full swing. From the Halloween season to New Year's Day, retailers are prepared to lure shoppers with extended hours of operation and increased staff on hand to help customers find the right gifts. For many retailers, this is a critical time of year from a profitability perspective. In fact, according to recent studies performed by Deloitte, holiday sales this year are expected to increase over 8%.

As a business owner, it's essential to do your best to satisfy customers, especially during the holiday season. With the increasing amount of e-commerce competitors seemingly flooding the retail marketplace, there are many things brick and mortar retailers can do to ensure foot traffic will lead to increased revenue.

Retailers should use their retail store fixtures to create a festive atmosphere. For example, place wreaths or garlands around the building and in windows or put up tinsel banners. It's vital to ensure displays are attractive. Stockings, decorations, and lights can all be used to create the desired ambiance in-store fixtures.

In this article, we will examine ways retailers can leverage their store fixtures displays to maximize the revenue potential of the holiday season.

Add Color to your Displays

The holidays are a time for celebration, and people want to feel good about the gifts they give. The way you display your merchandise can help convey this feeling of joy, abundance, or any other emotion you want to share with your customers.

Adding colors is an easy and practical way to help your displays stand out to consumers walking through your store and, for example, looking to create an effective Halloween end cap display? Why not add black & orange gondola shelves or color inserts. Even something as simple as adding holiday-related stickers to your back panels can make a significant difference in the minds of your customers.

Aisles and Pathways

These are store areas that people can use to move from place to place. You want them to be as straightforward as possible so that customers don't get lost or confused. You can do this by using a color contrast in the flooring, adding signage and light fixtures to help people find their way around your store, and avoiding clutter that might affect their shopping experience.

Include Gondola Accessories to Enhance your Shelving

Gondola shelving accessories are a perfect opportunity to add merchandising flexibility to your retail store fixture displays. Frequently, the holiday season can present different products to merchandise, and gondola accessories such as open-end baskets or wire front fencing and dividers are just the trick needed to provide a unique presentation.

Open End Baskets

Baskets are designed to go on top of standard gondola shelves or hook directly into gondola shelving uprights. This chrome-colored display fixture is ideal for merchandising Halloween candy, along with ribbon, bows, and wrapping paper.

Wire Fencing & Dividers

When highlighting smaller merchandise on gondola shelving units, many times, the best way to achieve optimal visibility is to slant your shelves. Handy Store Fixtures wire fencing and dividers are an affordable solution. These chrome-painted accessories prevent merchandise from falling off gondola shelves while making it easy for consumers to add products into their shopping carts.

Countertop Displays

Countertop displays are a great way to increase impulse sales during the holiday sales season. They can be placed in front of registers or behind them, and they help bring attention to your products by displaying their features prominently. Made in either cardboard or acrylic, these displays maximum impulse sales for your business.

Retail stores are always looking for ways to increase the amount of money they make during the holiday season. With the increased foot traffic caused by holiday shoppers, one way is by using countertop displays, which help customers buy more products in a short time.

The purpose behind this type of display is simple - it provides an easy-to-find location where potential buyers can see what items are available and find something that interests them quickly without having to search through shelves or piles on tables throughout your store.

Wood Displays

Wood displays are just what the name implies. They are made up of either naturally occurring or has been treated to be aesthetically pleasing. The most common type of wood is wood veneer, made of thin slices of wood glued together to form a piece. This type of display is commonly called a "floating shelf" because it floats on a wall and is often made from a thin piece of plywood.

Wooden retail displays give your store a comforting "at-home" feel, perfect for holiday shoppers. A great example is liquor stores. If your business is looking to maximize champagne sales for New Year's Eve, what better way than to display bottles of champagne on a wooden end cap display.

Are you looking for that perfect holiday present for your furry best friend? Wood free-standing displays offer a wide range of flexibility in merchandising pet supply clothing, toys, or treats.

Putting it all Together

Holiday sales are some of the most critical revenue for any retailer. As a business, your goal is to take advantage of the increased likelihood of new and existing consumers walking into your store to make holiday-related purchases.

Your retail store fixture displays are a perfect opportunity not only to maximize merchandise visibility but to make your customer feel special about shopping at your store.

To learn more on how to increase holiday sales, don't hesitate to get in touch with Handy Store Fixtures today.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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