How to Clearly Display Tobacco Products

How to Clearly Display Tobacco Products

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On October 17, 2017

If you want to maximize your tobacco product sales, you need to make sure they are visible. Customers can only purchase what they can see, so you need to optimize your display. Read on to learn how to clearly display tobacco products in your retail location.

It’s Display, Not Storage

Tobacco products have to be stored behind the counter which limits you to how you can display them. A lot of retail locations are strapped for space and end up pushing their tobacco products away in cabinets or drawers that are not visible to paying customers. Remember, your tobacco products should all be on display, not in storage. Place your most popular items in prominent positions so customers will see you have them. And even your less popular items should be visible to a curious customer who might be wondering if you carry his or her favorite brand.

Choose The Right Displays

Handy has a lot of different displays that can be used for your tobacco products. Choosing the right ones is key to increasing your sales. Whether you go with a simple cigarette display rack or the full Handy Tobacco Display, you will know that you are choosing well-tested fixtures for optimized visibility. The cigarette display is great for smaller locations and features acrylic pushers that push the cigarette packs to the front of the display. The Handy Tobacco Display takes things even further and includes a wall unit, 6 cigarette shelves, 4 standard shelves, 2 canopies with lettering, 4 standard shelves, and 2 base cabinets, as well as some optional components.

Signage Is Everything

Label the sections of your tobacco products so that customers know what you carry. Especially if you carry e-cigarettes, flavored tobacco products, or other niche products that appeal to the tobacco-loving crowd, you want to make sure it is obvious to customers that they can pick up many kinds of products from your tobacco section.

The key to increasing tobacco sales is making sure customers can see what you have available. Use these tips to clearly display tobacco products at your store. Still need some help figuring out your retail displays? Let us help!

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