How to Keep Excess Back Stock Organized During the Holidays

How to Keep Excess Back Stock Organized During the Holidays

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Holidays
On December 11, 2015

How to Keep Backroom Organized for the Holidays Blog Post

Last updated: October 2019

Holiday sales represent roughly 20% of annual retail sales each year, according to the National Retail Federation. That's why it's no surprise most retail stores wind up ordering way more merchandise than usual during the whirlwind holiday season. With shoppers purchasing gifts in addition to holiday outfits and accessories for themselves, much more of your product is flying out the door. This is an extremely busy time of year for retailers, and keeping track of your stock is crucial for ensuring your customers have access to everything you have to offer, as well as staying on top of theft. Keep reading for a few ways to keep your warehouse shelving organized this holiday season.

Assign a sales associate to the backroom

If your store is extra busy during the holidays, you should consider having someone solely in charge of manning the back room. This includes checking in and tagging merchandise, organizing it on the shelves and replenishing the store shelving when an item is running low. If you're busy enough, this might need to be a two-person job. Having someone in charge of keeping that space neat and tidy is crucial to moving merchandise during the holiday season.

Do an inventory sweep each night

When the doors are finally closed and the last customer has left, it’s time to tidy up. While sales associates are folding clothes or organizing boxes, they should also take note of inventory that is running low. Are there two sizes missing from a stack of shirts? Does a shelf only have one remaining product on it? It’s time to check the back stock to see if fill-in items are back there. This ensures your storage space isn’t cluttered with products that could be on the shelves getting sold.

Do a walk-through each morning

At the end of the night, associates are tired and ready to go home. This might cause the inventory sweep to be a little lackluster. Do a quick walkthrough in the morning with a fresh set of eyes. How does everything look? Are there bare shelves and racks anywhere? Take note of spaces that could use more product and pull it from the backroom to fill in.

Do a regular clean-up of the backroom

During a really busy day, items may be flying in and out of your storage room. Piles get knocked over, items get placed where they don’t belong, and your once organized space becomes a disaster. Regularly taking the time to straighten up this room can make a huge difference. While associates are straightening the front of the store, someone should be assigned to go through the back stock. Rearrange items, place like products together, and take note of anything that is running low and might need to be reordered. Staying on top of this space is crucial to moving merchandise this holiday season.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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