How to Succeed With Your New Beauty Supply Store

How to Succeed With Your New Beauty Supply Store

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Beauty Supply Stores
On June 29, 2020

Beauty supplies have become staple products for women and men alike. With high demand in the industry, beauty supply stores are opening left and right. According to Investopedia, the beauty industry is even commonly known as a “recession-proof” vertical with high consumer demand regardless of a low-performing economy. 

To quickly help turn your beauty supply store into a profitable business, we’ve compiled a list of the top things you should keep in mind. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to grow your business. 

Identifying a high traffic store location 

When choosing your location, the number one thing you’ll want to consider is the amount of foot traffic around your store. Will your store be located at a prime location in a mall? How many people will pass by your store each day? Foot traffic can mean the difference between success and failure for your store so choose the location wisely. 

Another thing to consider when deciding on a location is your budget. A prime location is great, but will most likely cost a lot more in terms of rent compared to less populated areas. A good compromise would be to rent out a small space in a prime location.

Strategic store layout 

To drive more sales, you’ll want to situate your most popular products at the front of your store. You might consider doing this with the help of retail gondola shelves. Shop our shelves along with other fixtures designed for beauty supply stores here. 

Don’t forget to provide your customers with sufficient lighting and enough mirrors. This allows customers to sample your products before making a purchase. To achieve a welcoming ambiance, incorporate glass display cases to add a professional atmosphere throughout your store. 

The customer should not feel anxious nor rushed. Remember that the longer a customer stays in your store, the more likely they are to buy. 

Train and educate staff

As a business owner, you most likely won’t want to be on-site at every moment. At a minimum, you’ll need one person to tend to the cash register and one person to work the floor. 

Keep in mind that before making purchases, your customers will most likely be asking questions regarding your products. Take time to fully train and educate your staff so they can provide a wealth of knowledge to your customers. Incorporate staff training into the onboarding process when you first hire them. Customers will appreciate that your staff is helpful and friendly, which will result in them purchasing more products. 

Establish an online presence

Not only is having a store location important, but establishing an online presence is key to a successful business. By having an online presence, customers will be able to find your store location easier, which will increase the likelihood of them physically coming in to shop and purchase products. 

The basics of an online presence include having a fully optimized website, a Google My Business listing and social media presence. 

Being active online can help customers attend store openings, participate in sales, and learn more about your products. Make it easy and simple for customers to find you online so they can show up at your store. 


Success with a beauty supply store doesn’t have to be complicated. Like most things in life, a little planning before getting your business up and running can go a long way. Take time to understand your market and how to best tailor your store to your customer’s needs. Keep at it and your beauty supply store will be a success in no time.

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