How to Use Gondola Accessories to Solve Common Display Problems

How to Use Gondola Accessories to Solve Common Display Problems

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Gondola Shelving Accessories
On February 26, 2016

Not enough room to display your merchandise? Not sure how to properly showcase that oddly-shaped item? Or do you find yourself constantly picking up fallen items from your shelving? These are all common merchandise display problems that can easily be fixed with the right gondola accessories. We’re sharing some popular accessories that can be implemented to quickly fix common problems and keep your products displayed just the way you want.

Limited Space

If your store space is limited, it can be difficult to properly display everything you’d like, in the beautiful way you’d like. The key to overcoming limited display space is to take advantage of areas you wouldn’t expect, like the wall or end of the display. You can also use extenders to increase your existing shelving or change the height. Upright extenders are another great option for limited space, because they add additional display space without taking up any more room.

Oddly Shaped or Small Merchandise

Every store has them: merchandise that doesn’t fit into your traditional shelving. Whether they are oddly shaped or small, loose items, it can be difficult to determine how to display them properly. Baskets are one of the easiest ways to display merchandise that doesn’t quite fit on a shelf, and they can be used on a wooden or metal shelf or any flat surface. Baskets can easily contain all the small items, keep them organized and best of all, easily visible for your customers.

Chrome wire fencing and dividers are another common solution for small items. Use these to subdivide a shelf and hold any number of oddly-shaped or small items. They keep them visible and easily attainable for customers and organized for you!

Another option for oddly shaped merchandise is to consider using wide span shelving. This unique type of shelving provides multiple levels of display, so you can fit a number of different types of items. It’s also perfect for displaying a large amount of products.

Large Items

Large items are probably some of the items you want to display most prominently, because they are the big ticket merchandise that will help you meet sales goals, but they also take up the most display room. In this case, you may want to consider specialty retail shelving, a type of shelving that is specialized to fit the items you’re selling. The items you are selling are unique, so don’t try to make them fit into standard shelving.

Another option to display is to use upright extenders to display items vertical or a slatwall sloped displayer. Using a slatwall display allows you to display the large item for customers to check out unpackaged while keeping extras hidden in your storage room.

Merchandise Falling off Shelves

There’s no better way to display certain items than at an angle, but unless it’s done right, that can mean that items may fall off the shelving. Steel front lips are the shelving edge that fixes that problem. They easily attach onto perforated shelves and keep items right where they belong.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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