How to Use Rx Counter Units To Secure Pharmaceuticals

How to Use Rx Counter Units To Secure Pharmaceuticals

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On December 13, 2017

Prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic in the United States, and more and more laws are being passed that dictate how pharmaceuticals are properly stored in American pharmacies. The Handy Store Fixtures Rx counter units are perfect for securing your pharmaceutical prescriptions so that they are safely secured and easily accessible.

Where to Put Your Rx Counter Units

Your pharmaceuticals should be separated from your customers as much as possible. Most drug stores create a separate locked room for the pharmacy with a window or pass-through counter to serve customers. Your Rx counter units should be on the opposite side of the counter from which your customers will be served. Counter units are great for long stretches of wall. Have an extra large space? Consider putting in a divider wall with Rx counter units on both sides. You can keep the majority of your stock beyond the divider wall and store less controlled substances and more frequent prescriptions on the more accessible side.

Storing Under Counters

Taking advantage of our woodwork capabilities, Handy Store Fixtures has plenty of configurations available to meet your specific pharmacy needs. With open-air bins for accessible medications, units to fit your printers and other equipment, and multiple drawer and door styles, you can be sure that Handy Store Fixtures will meet your needs. Storing under counters is a great way to keep things out of eyesight for a tidier pharmacy. Keeping things out of sight is also a great way to deter thieves who are less likely to steal if they don’t know how well-stocked you are.

Choosing Your Countertop

Using only the highest quality materials, Handy Store Fixtures offers retailers two different depths for your Rx countertop - 24.5 inches and 30 inches. Choosing the right countertop depth will depend on your pharmacy location and store design objectives. If you have plenty of room, a 30 inch countertop gives you more room to work and store frequently accessed supplies and equipment. A 24.5 inch counter works well in a more confined pharmacy. Regardless of what you choose, vertical storage solutions can maximize your storage space.

Need more ideas for how to secure your pharmaceutical prescriptions? Let us help. We offer a wide variety of fixtures and storage units, as well as pharmacy layout planning.

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