How to Use Triangle Display Shelves for Seasonal Displays

How to Use Triangle Display Shelves for Seasonal Displays

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On November 10, 2017

‘Tis the season for seasonal displays, but where can you put them? Handy’s triangle display shelves are great for displaying seasonal items. Read on for 3 tips on using triangle display shelves for seasonal displays.

Choose the Right Triangle Display

We have a few different options for your triangle display. The most popular is the triangle display shelves. These are great for displaying decorative items like picture frames and signs. They work well for the bulk of holiday decor as well. We also have triangle gridwall so that you can hang items for display. This maximizes the hanging space in your corner and works well for small items like stocking stuffers and ornaments.

Place Your Triangle Display Shelves Where They Will Count

If you place a triangle display shelf in the back corner of your store, customers may not even notice it. For maximum impact, place your triangle display shelves near the front of your store or near the cash register. Seasonal purchases are often impulse buys so you want to catch people’s attention where they are already looking. Another great option is to place seasonal versions of an item on a triangle display shelf near the original. Holiday versions of popular snacks make a great seasonal display when placed on a triangle display shelf near the originals, preferably at the head of the aisle so customers encounter them on their way to pick up the original.

Don’t Stop Your Seasonal Displays at Triangle Display Shelves

Many store owners only change out minor displays for the holiday season, but for most retailers, this is a major mistake. While you never want to confuse your customers, your store should feel made over at the holiday season to appeal to everyday shoppers who are more likely to purchase in store rather than from online competitors when you remind them the holidays are coming. Use signs and strategically placed seasonal displays to keep the holidays at the front of their minds while they browse your entire store.

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