INFOGRAPHIC: These Amazing Candy Facts Will Blow Your Mind

INFOGRAPHIC: These Amazing Candy Facts Will Blow Your Mind

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On May 26, 2020

While it may seem like time is passing slowly, June is National Candy Month, and it's rapidly approaching. The most delicious month of the year is a great time to reflect on the latest candy stats. Check out our handy candy infographic for some of our favorite stats for your c-store.

Candy Is the Largest Impulse Buy 

Out of everything sold in convenience stores, candy takes the cake for being the most popular impulse buy. In fact, a whopping 61% of consumers decide to purchase candy while they are in the store or on their way to it. This shows you just how spontaneous a purchase it is: people don't usually plan ahead to buy candy while at a store. However, once inside, they seem unable to resist.

People Love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

One of the most popular types of candy that seems to fly off the shelves is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. According to USA Today, 36% of people call this their favorite candy. Snickers are another fan favorite with 18% of people preferring this candy choice. Closely following Snickers are M&Ms with 11% of people claiming this candy to be their favorite. Interestingly enough, candy corn is not a popular candy among consumers with only 6% of people choosing this particular treat. Perhaps surprisingly, even fewer people see Skittles as their favorite, at 5%. 

When Is Candy the Most Popular

Even though June is National Candy Month, it's far from being the most popular time of the year for candy. That award is actually a tie that goes to Halloween and Easter with $2.63 billion spent on each holiday. After these two festive holidays, you have Christmas coming in at $1.76 billion, followed by Valentine's Day at just $1.07 billion.

What's Popular Around the World

Chocolate is universally loved. Over $14 billion per year is spent on chocolate alone. Chewing gum is also surprisingly high in sales, coming in at $3.1 billion globally. Non-chocolate candy brings in a whopping $7.4 billion.

Wrapping Up

With $35 billion worth of candy sold every year and 55,000 people employed within the market, it's no wonder there's an entire month dedicated to eating sweet treats that we all love. People love candy, so it's guaranteed to continue raking in sales into the far future.

Check out the full Candy Infographic and stats here!

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