Kick Your Winter Sales Slump with Super Bowl LIV

Kick Your Winter Sales Slump with Super Bowl LIV

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Holidays, Retail Growth Strategies
On January 22, 2020

While a new year brings hope of a fresh start to consumers, it can be a frustrating time for some retailers. Sales slumps, resolutions, and sporadic customer traffic can make it hard to meet sales expectations. 

Fortunately, the arrival of the Super Bowl can help retailers get out of their winter slump. With the right marketing strategy, your business can boost sales, increase store traffic, and get the new year off to a winning start.

Lead with an Eye-Catching Display

Let customers know you can be their one-stop-shop for Super Bowl items. Create a themed free-standing display that features drinks, snacks, and themed apparel for the big day. But don’t stop there! Maximize sales by adding adjacent displays that feature other game day items shoppers might need such as paper goods and decorations.

Promote Popular Food Items

Inevitably, game day viewers will need last-minute party food. Whether they’re stopping by on the way to a watch party, or need to grab a few more items to accommodate extra guests, having the right food on hand can ensure big sales in the days leading up to the big game.

Did you know: 43% of millennials purchase more food from c-stores now than three years ago, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores.

Chips and salsa are common last-minute items, and other popular options are guacamole, sodas, brownies, and cupcakes. Use these items to draw in customers and increase sales. Advertise popular items with window and aisle displays, or offer special promotions such as “buy one get one”.

Promote Product Bundles

Super Bowl sales present a perfect time to bundle products to boost sales. Bundles can help you move less popular items off the shelves by pairing them with high-demand products. This is a great option for game day themed merchandise such as clothing, decorations, or paper goods. Bundles can also upsell customers by promoting products that go well together.  Examples include chips and sodas, baked goods, or supermarket items such as bread.

Maximize Customer Traffic

Increase sales by taking advantage of both passers-by and the customer foot traffic in your store.

Did you know: According to Forbes, a recent First Insight Report found that 71 percent of all shoppers surveyed spent $50 or more when shopping in-store.

If you’re in a popular location, consider a cross-promotion with a nearby store. This could mean putting a display in their store and vice-versa, or simply finding ways to send customers to one another with a special discount.

Once customers are in your store, maximize sales potential by placing key displays in popular traffic areas, and using the checkout counter and front door to promote impulse buys.

Don’t just hope for a better sales month to kick off the new year — make it happen with a good marketing plan. You can’t control who will win the Super Bowl, but with a little planning and strategic product placement, you can reinvigorate sales in your store this winter.

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