Maximize Shelf Space With These 3 Retail Store Accessories

Maximize Shelf Space With These 3 Retail Store Accessories

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Gondola Shelves
On June 15, 2018

If you’re running out of room in your retail store and need to display more items, or you need more shelf space and can’t seem to find more floor space, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn how to maximize your shelf space with these 3 retail store accessories.

Organize Your Checkout Area With End Cap Merchandisers

Wait time won’t always move as fast as you’d like as a store owner, but that doesn’t have to slow down your customers. Keep them satisfied with items and necessities that catch their eye as they wait to move forward in line. End Cap Merchandisers are a must for the ends of your shelving aisles as well as in your checkout area. Arranging them in easily viewed areas of your storefront keeps the products flying off the shelf and into the customers’ baskets.

Keep Baskets Easily Accessible With Tote Basket Kit

Keep your customers satisfied with shopping baskets that are displayed around your store. We all know someone who likes to think they are only grabbing one or two items, but finds themselves needing a basket halfway through aisle four. With these customers in mind, placing baskets not just at the beginning of their shopping journey, but throughout your storefront, will help the flow and ensure that more products are bought. Big markets like Target utilize this kind of strategic placement and expand on it well by providing baskets in different areas through their storefront. There’s no need to waste precious shelf space to provide these baskets; Handy Store Fixtures Tote Basket Kits come with a zinc plated stand in a variety of colors and are easy to place in your store.

Maximize Shelf Space By Adding More Shelves

When all else fails, add more shelves. For a unique aesthetic, try Wooden Display shelves. It takes significant time and care to arrange merchandise in a pleasing, eye-catching manner;  your customers will respect the time and effort put into your displays. They’ll take the time to look thoroughly through your merchandise, and they’ll enjoy the arrangements. These durable and unique shelving options come with shelf brackets and can be used on Slatwall Panels, Gondolas, Wall units, and End units. They are a gorgeous yet practical way to display your merchandise.

At Handy Store Fixtures, we pride ourselves on bringing domestic USA produced products to your storefront, keeping businesses happy and customers satisfied. Contact us today and let us help maximize your shelf space.

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