Small Business Week Strategies to Increase Foot Traffic and Boost Sales

Small Business Week Strategies to Increase Foot Traffic and Boost Sales

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Store Design
On April 30, 2019

National Small Business Week is just around the corner! This is a great time to increase your exposure within your community and gain new customers. Here are four strategies you can use during Small Business Week to expand your community presence, increase foot traffic, and boost sales.

Expand Your Online and Offline Presence

Before you create another flyer or redesign your sales floor, take a minute to Google yourself. Can people easily find your business on social media? Do you have a Google Business profile? Have you joined the local Chamber of Commerce and other relevant community groups?

Next, take a look outside. Is your store signage clear and easy to read? Are you listed in your shopping center’s directory? Can people see your store from the street, or do you need to increase signage to make your business easier to find?

People have to know you exist in order for them to set foot in your business. Start by assessing your physical and virtual presence, and make sure you’re showing up in all the right places.

Engage with Enticing Store Displays

When we suggest taking your business outside, we mean literally outside. Place displays and promo tables outside your store to promote sales or specialty items. Switch up your storefront retail displays and use new signage where possible. And don’t forget about other potential points of engagement & display such as side windows in your building or empty storefronts in your shopping center.

Take it a step further by engaging on social media as well. Show off your spring look by refreshing your cover photo on Facebook, posting sale ads on Instagram, and using social media ads to target potential customers in your geographic area.

Connect With Community Events

Small Business Week is a perfect time to host events to increase foot traffic. Mix it up with a combination of product/service sales and community engagement opportunities. For example, you could feature a local band, donate a portion of proceeds to a community cause, or host a gathering for a local group. Getting involved in the community shows you care about the people and businesses around you and gives customers an engaging experience that can’t be replicated in big-box stores.

Cross - Promote Through Partnerships

Instead of seeing all other businesses as competition, seek out businesses that complement what you sell. Post ads and sale flyers in each others’ stores, or offer a discount to customers who bring a recent receipt from a partner store.

Take cross-promotion a step further and craft experiences that get your brand in other stores. Own a coffee store? Ask a local donut shop or bakery if you can supply their coffee or sell your beans in their store. Own a hair salon? Partner with an upcycle clothing store to host a sidewalk runway show; they provide the models and clothes, and you do the hair and makeup. By working with other small businesses and creating a uniquely local experience, you can pull from two groups of customers and draw bigger crowds.

Increase Foot Traffic & Boost Sales In Your Store

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