Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Retail Store

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Retail Store

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Store Management
On April 18, 2018

Spring tends to be a slow time of year for brick and mortar stores, which means it’s the perfect time to get cleaning. We’ve compiled a spring cleaning checklist to help you clean your retail store. Follow the list, and your store will look clean and inviting, encouraging customers to browse longer and purchase more.

Make it a Day

Have all your employees come in for a day or two when you would normally be closed. Play music, provide lunch, and make it fun. To encourage participation, you may want to consider offering a bonus to employees who attend on what would typically be a day off.

Work from Top to Bottom

You are going to have to move merchandise off of shelves in order to clean them effectively. Dust and wipe down every shelf before replacing merchandise. Start at the top so your clean shelves don’t get dust on them.

Do the Basics Really Well

Wash your walls, mop and polish the floors, clean the windows inside and outside. Be more thorough than usual, filling in holes and removing staples.

Clean Places You Wouldn’t Expect

Don’t forget the difficult places like the ceiling air vents, refrigerator coils, light fixtures, doors and doorknobs, and switchplates.

Clean & Organize Your Space

Spring cleaning shouldn’t just apply to displays. Organize your checkout counter, office, and breakroom, too.

Clean Window Displays & Windows

Wash your windows inside and out, and go over your window displays with a fine-tooth comb. Get rid of old staples and any other leftover pieces of old displays to make room for something new and bright.

Touch Up Paint & Make Repairs

Regrout your sinks, replace tiles that are missing, and touch up paint. Do any other repairs that are needed. While you’re at it, replace any gondola shelves that need to be replaced.

Check Smoke Detector Batteries

You should be doing this a couple times a year anyway, but you might as well add it to the list for spring cleaning.

Deep Clean Bathroom

It’s everyone’s least favorite job, but it’s absolutely crucial to your reputation. Make your bathroom sparkle and shine.

Organize Your Back Stock

Use our checklist to help clean out and organize your back room and inventory.

Celebrate Your Clean Store

Get customers excited to come into your bright shining store with unique springtime marketing ideas.

Evaluate Your Store Layout

Is your store layout still working? Check out 3 tips for a successful store layout design for ways you can improve. It’s also a good time to make sure your cross merchandising is on point and ready for the new season.

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