Store Fixtures to Help Maximize Floor Space

Store Fixtures to Help Maximize Floor Space

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On August 03, 2017

No matter the size of your retail space, you probably feel like you are running out of the room. If things are feeling too tight, you don’t have to move to a larger location. Instead, use these store fixtures to help maximize your floor space. Use your retail floor space more efficiently with vertical store fixtures, well-designed retail display cases, and custom retail displays, and you’ll be surprised at how much room you have.

Maximize Floor Space With Multi-Purpose Store Fixtures

One of the major killers to your floor space is shuffling things around to get customers to notice new things. Your entryway and other areas where you place promotional items should have fixtures that pack a lot of punch without taking up much room. Bonus points if you can move them between multiple locations to fit various needs. Movable gondola shelving and promotional tables make great multi-purpose fixtures, and open end baskets are perfect for displaying seasonal items that may not fit anywhere else.

Maximize Floor Space With End Cap Shelving

If your aisles don’t have end cap shelving, you are wasting prime real estate. These areas are highly visible and ideal for drawing customers’ attention, and they take up almost no extra room. End cap shelving is suitable for merchandising just about anything because there are multiple hooks, shelves, and baskets that can attach to them.

Maximize Floor Space With The Right Shelving Accessories

Never use a fixture that is too big for the job. With gondola shelves and shelving accessories, you can create a custom retail display unique to your store that allows you to use every inch of space available. With accessories like chrome wire fencing, steel front lips, candy risers, open end baskets, and Y extenders, there are plenty of options for difficult to display items.

Maximize Floor Space by Optimizing Checkout

Your checkout is the most important part of your store floor plan and should be designed with care. Our Handy Store Fixtures gondola checkout counter is perfect for maximizing your floor space in the checkout area. As a bonus, it will help you sell more items since you’ll be displaying impulse buys where customers are waiting to check-out.

Still not sure how to maximize your floor space? Contact Handy Store Fixtures to optimize your store floor plan.

Maximize Your Space & Increase Profits

Handy Store Fixtures can help optimize your store floor plan. Download our Store Design Process Guide to learn more about our services and capabilities.

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