Summertime Retail Displays to Showcase Your Seasonal Merchandise

Summertime Retail Displays to Showcase Your Seasonal Merchandise

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Fixtures
On August 02, 2013

Last updated: May 2019

Every retail category has its own unique challenges. Retailers of seasonal products face  the prospect every summer of trying to fit all their warm-weather goods on display, while keeping their year-round merchandise available as well. Within a confined square footage, that can get tricky.

Creative retail store displays, when combined with space-saving techniques, will help you maximize your sales potential. Look at some of the simple and affordable solutions below to help you capitalize on your display dynamics.

Paint an accent wall

A boldly painted accent wall is an affordable and effective way to spice up your space while making it appear larger. One boldly colored wall can help to create the illusion of a larger space. In addition, it can be used to designate season-specific offerings.

Think vertically

Display items on various levels of retail shelving units to maximize space and visually appeal to customers. Hang shelving at different levels, and combine with retail store shelving to achieve this effect. Create the sense of a large space, and draw the eye upward by installing drapes from the ceiling to the floor, even if you have no windows.

Avoid a cluttered look

Using neutral colors such as gray and ivory can help prevent your display from looking cluttered while allowing you to add more merchandise. Accent the space with smaller brightly colored items such as vases and pillows. Don’t crowd your merchandise too closely together – you want to make it look elegant and give the illusion of space.

Use retail shelving units as dividers

Section off areas using tall, open shelving for an effective way to divide the space, display items and create an airy feel. They are flexible and allow you to change the layout and the merchandise easily.

With limited space, you may struggle to figure out where to put your summer items. Solution: create sections within your store, and use retail shelving units strategically to design your space and organize your merchandise.

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