The Official Retail Store Shelving Checklist

The Official Retail Store Shelving Checklist

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Retail Growth Strategies
On October 08, 2019

Hungry for sales? You’re not alone. If you’re looking to amp up sales, going back to the basics is a great starting point. Store shelving is one of the most important (if not the most important) part of your retail store. Apart from displaying merchandise, did you know store shelving can influence your customer’s purchasing decisions?

Impulse buys are a great example of this. Impulse buying all comes down to grabbing a shoppers’ attention by having the right products in the right place. Your retail store fixtures and displays are key in showcasing these products to encourage those last-minute purchases.

Now that you’re thinking of your store’s shelving in how it relates to sales, there are simple things you can do to maximize the value of your store fixtures. Go through this “Handy” checklist we’ve created to make sure your shelves are ready for business.

✔ Understanding Your Customers

The first item on this checklist is vital for any business. Many store owners forget about the most important retail rule: ensure that your gondola shelves are set up for success! It’s essential to understand what your customers want and stock those items. Sparse shelving displays with products the shopper doesn’t want will result in a lack of sales and unhappy customers that will become increasingly prone to shop at a competing location.

✔ Cleanliness

Are your shelves dust-free and clean? If not, get to this item quickly. Cleaning your shelves is a simple, yet significant task you can have almost any employee perform. Dirty shelves can deter customers from making purchases or from making a return visit to your store. This cleanliness plays an even bigger role at stores that sell food & beverages. Set aside a day dedicated to cleaning your store and shelves. Here are some additional cleaning tips you can implement as well.

✔ Product Spacing

You know the feeling when there’s so much going on around you that you can’t seem to focus on just one thing — the thing that you really want to pay attention to? That same feeling can occur with your customers when looking for products on your shelves. Your products need room to breathe and have enough space around them to avoid confusion. It’s always a good idea to push merchandise forward on shelves and displays so that consumers can easily find products. This technique will also make your store seem well-stocked since all merchandise is highly visible at the front of the shelves.

✔ Product Placement

Cross merchandising is the process of strategically placing complementary items together to encourage customers to buy them all. However, overdoing this can confuse shoppers and ultimately cause you to lose out on sales. When stocking your shelves, think carefully about what items should be grouped together and how the customer will react to them. If further explanation is required, signage acts as a fantastic medium to help encourage cross-selling merchandise.

✔ Color

Color plays a huge role in buyer psychology. In fact, people associate certain colors with different emotions, experiences, and cultural messages. Do some research and carefully consider the kind of emotion you want to evoke in your shoppers. Don’t just focus on your signage and displays though, think about the color of your shelves and how they complement your business. Check out our color guide for some inspiration.

Are you able to successfully check off every item on this list? If not, that’s OK. It’s never too late to reassess your store’s shelving and make sure they’re up to standards. Whether you’re looking to make some minor updates to your store fixtures or invest in new retail displays, Handy Store Fixtures has the expertise needed to ensure you’re getting the most out of your store’s layout. Contact us to learn more.

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