The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Retailers

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Retailers

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Store Management
On May 21, 2019

Spring is here! Who doesn’t love the bright sunshine and extra daylight? Unfortunately, the sun streaming in your store’s windows can highlight a less-than-stellar appearance. Spring cleaning isn’t just for homes - now is also a great time to deep clean your store! We’ve compiled the ultimate deep cleaning checklist. With a little planning, patience, and old- fashioned elbow grease, your store will be sparkling inside and out. Read on to learn how to make your store look its best for spring and summer shoppers.

Start with the Stockroom

Begin with the area that’s out of eyesight for customers. By making sure the stockroom is clean, you’ll lay a foundation for organizing and deep cleaning the rest of the store more easily. Toss any items that are broken, and donate old merchandise that is out of season. While you’re at it, scrub down those retail shelves and buy new ones if you need more storage or organization in your stockroom. Finally, review your inventory and order any items you need for the upcoming season.

Clean out Clearance

Still, have merchandise sitting around from the holidays? Do one final clearance sale, and then toss or donate any older items that haven’t sold. This will make room for spring and summer clearance items that should sell more quickly and will make your clearance section look neater and more up to date with products your customer will consume.

Spruce Up the Store

Now is the time to deep clean the store. Start with basic maintenance like replacing light bulbs, (we highly recommend LED lighting) changing the batteries in smoke detectors, cleaning air vents and switching filters. Next, move on to deep cleaning tasks like polishing or shampooing floors, washing walls or touching up areas that need a coat of paint, and dusting in dark corners.

While you’re cleaning, take a look at your furniture and retail store fixtures. Are any of them broken? Do you need more store fixtures - or perhaps a different layout that will increase your revenue? Review your store arrangement, and reach out to a pro if you need help rearranging your floor plan or ordering new store shelving displays.

Polish Your Online Presence

Spring cleaning extends to more than your physical space! This is the perfect time to review software licensing, computer files, and online accounts. Make sure your accounts and passwords are up to date and purge any files that are no longer needed.

Last but certainly not least, review current employee records and ensure your team’s files are up to date. Ask everyone on your team to update their contact information, and purge any old records that are no longer needed.

Enhance Your Entrance

Now that the inside of your store is shiny and clean, take a step outside and scrutinize the store’s entrance. Wash the windows, take down old advertisements, clean the door handles, and add a coat of paint where needed. Add some brightly colored plants and new rugs. Last, prepare for outdoor sales and foot traffic by ordering extra gondola shelving and outdoor advertising items.

Need help planning your store layout? We can help! Our team has been serving independent retailers for over 60 years. We know what you need and how to help you maximize space with the right store design. Contact us today to learn more.

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