Three End Cap Display Ideas

Three End Cap Display Ideas

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Gondola Shelves, Store Fixtures
On July 24, 2015

Last updated: May 2019

End cap displays are an excellent way to take advantage of every available space your retail store has to offer.

Don’t let the end space of your retail shelves go to waste by leaving them empty. By adding end caps you open up added possibilities for showcasing your merchandise without having to invest in a costly and spacious new unit. Look for store shelving that is designed to coordinate with your existing units in order to add critical display space for your highest gross profitable merchandise.

Here are three ways to really take advantage of your end cap shelving.

Sales and Specials

Using your end cap display to showcase sales merchandise is a great way to distinguish it from the rest of your full-priced products. Draw shoppers straight to your sale items to try and move it out the door so you can replenish with new supplies and fill your shelves with fresh merchandise. You can also choose to spotlight anything that is on special at that time, like a buy-one-get-one event or a limited edition product.

Holiday Displays

In addition to end cap displays being a great way to display your holiday products, you can also coordinate your shelves to match with the holiday. Handy Store Fixtures can match the holiday's colors into the display. For example, you could choose Orange shelves with Black pegboard for Halloween, Red shelves with White pegboard for Christmas and then use the included Pink shelf inserts for Valentine's Day, etc. Typically, all seasonal holiday end caps should be ordered 45 days prior to each holiday so you can set up the display a good 30 days before the specific holiday. Handy Store Fixtures offers the fastest lead times on all colors, so we can provide you with the holiday colors you need, quickly.



New Merchandise

Draw customers straight to your brand new merchandise with an end cap display. This is a great way to showcase more seasonal items that may be popular at the moment but will be an afterthought in a few months. You can put similar products together that are within the same theme, such as sunscreen, aloe vera, and sunless tanner or several BBQ items all together for summer. All of these products are related and are often bought together. This makes it easier for the customer to grab everything they need while also providing add-on appeal.



When building out your end cap displays, you should always have a strategy in mind. You’ll want the products to not only make sense next to one another, but for the space to be utilized as profitably as possible.

Fill up the space but keep it balanced. You don’t want big gaps in the display that make it appear empty, but you also don’t want to overload it. Try and make sure each display has a theme in mind and change out your displays regularly. You also shouldn’t keep up the same display when it has dwindled down to just a few remaining products.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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