Top 4 Retail Gondola Shelving Accessories for your Store

Top 4 Retail Gondola Shelving Accessories for your Store

By Handy Store Fixtures
Posted in Gondola Shelving Accessories
On November 26, 2018

Whether you’re opening a new store or updating an older one, choosing the right display shelving and gondola shelving parts may not be at the forefront of your mind, with so many other things to focus on. Thankfully, we’ve done the research to help you choose the best gondola shelving accessories for your unique needs. Read on for our top 4 retail gondola shelving accessories for your business.

Gondola Shelving Parts

You will likely need a few pieces just to make your gondola shelving usable. Shelf frames let you add shelves to any piece, extending display options and product visibility. Shelf replacement decks slide over your existing metal shelves, allowing you to update the look of your shelves for minimal cost. With options in a wide variety of colors, these are great options for restoring older shelving units or crafting unique seasonal displays.

Basic Gondola Accessories

Some of the best gondola accessories help customize your shelving options. Chrome wire fencing and dividers allow you to divide the shelf into sections, keeping items separate even if they are small or likely to move around. You can also combine an open end basket frame with open end baskets to create a display for items that need to be visible to consumers and may be awkwardly shaped.

Unique Display Gondola Accessories

Are you selling items that just don’t fit on standard shelves — or even in baskets? There are plenty of options for displaying awkwardly shaped items. Half “Y” shelf extenders and full “Y” shelf extenders are incredibly popular for displaying long items like rakes, broom handles, and PVC piping, but they aren’t the only options. Perforated extenders can also be cleverly used to display awkward items and cross-sell at the same time.

Security Gondola Accessories

If you sell high-priced items that need to be kept locked up, there are many gondola shelving parts and accessories that can help. These pieces combine secure storage with display space. If you want to combine storage and display with a clear locked cabinet, consider the Mica security case or retail display security cabinet. If you’d rather keep stored items out of view, the sliding door cabinet or wire base retail security cabinet are better choices.

Still not sure what you need? We would love to help you find the perfect gondola shelving parts and accessories for your new store. Just contact us today so we can help.

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